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Additional Qualifications

New three-part Kindergarten course coming

The introduction of a Specialist Kindergarten AQ is timely for teachers, particularly those who want to be part of the province’s early learning initiative.

The new three-part Specialist Kindergarten AQ will start March 31, 2011 and will replace the current one-session Kindergarten qualification.

“Demand is high for the new three-part Kindergarten AQ – teachers are clamouring for it,” says Déirdre Smith, manager of the College’s Standards of Practice and Education unit. “This new course will provide them with the opportunity to gain the specialized knowledge they require.”

Teachers wishing to take the new AQ need a Primary division qualification. Teachers who hold the current one-session (Schedule C) Kindergarten qualification can enter Part 2 of the new three-part AQ.

They should hold a Primary division qualification.

The new AQ is part of changes and additions to the Teachers’ Qualifications Regulation and the Accreditation Regulation. The changes flow from the findings of the College’s 2006 study, Preparing Teachers for Tomorrow. The College has developed and revised more than 150 courses on a wide range of subjects and will continue this work in phases.