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Digital battle maps

While it’s too late to send Canadian heroine Laura Secord a friend request, there’s still time to follow her.

With a series of new online lessons featuring free interactive maps, teachers can add a contemporary element to their next War of 1812 discussion. Using a geographic information system created by ESRI Canada, students can digitally plot Secord’s journey from Queenston to Thorold or the American and British troop movements during the Battles of Fort George and Stoney Creek.

ESRI has developed a variety of digital map programs and lesson plans – for students in all grades – based on government maps and geographical data. Subjects range from Map My Community – for students as young as those in Grade 2 – to exploring the threat of coral reef disease.

“Teachers who have limited experience with geographic information systems can use our product to incorporate engaging interactive activities that deepen students’ understanding of various subject matters,” says Iain Greensmith, Acting Education Industry Manager at ESRI Canada. “The students learn how to create and interpret maps, analyze data and think critically.”

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