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How safe is that new project?

Teachers beware. You could be exposing yourself and your students to serious injury in what might appear to be a routine activity.

Jim Bell, a program development specialist with the Public Services Health and Safety Association of Ontario (PSHSA), says that mistakes commonly occur in electrical wiring – in Science Fair projects for example. That said, Bell warns that danger lurks in many places, including shops, labs and art classes. “I’ve seen some horrendous things in schools,” he says.

Bell’s advice: “If you are doing a new project or involved in a new process, there may be hazards you don’t know about. Check it out first with a safety officer. Most times they can tell if there are any potential problems just by looking at a photo.”

Most school boards have staff safety officers who are available to provide assistance. They should be contacted first, but the PSHSA can also help.

To contact a PSHSA field staff consultant, visit