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Invite an artist to school

Always wanted to be a curator?

Now’s your chance.

Develop a customized arts program that’s right for your students – led by the artist of your choice – with the longstanding Ontario Arts Council (OAC) program, Artists in Education. The popular initiative encourages working artists in all fields to visit kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms to bring experiential learning to students.

“It’s a challenge for many teachers to integrate the arts into the school program,” says Christina Akrong, OCT, the OAC’s Associate Arts Education Officer. “What better way to accomplish this than by having a professional artist visit a school to engage and inspire the students.”

Typical artist-led classroom projects could involve drama, creative writing, photography or creative movement. Interested artists submit portfolios to the OAC, which establishes a roster of qualified applicants. Teachers then contact the artists directly to arrange classroom programs that range from 25 to 150 hours. This time can be shared among up to four teachers in a school.

Most of the costs, including salary and transportation, are borne by the OAC. The school is expected to pay the artists an additional $8 per hour and to cover the costs of any required materials.

Eligible artists are listed at