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College on Track to Fulfill its Mandate

The College is fulfilling the objects, or purposes, of the Ontario College of Teachers Act, says a report by the College Council's Quality Assurance Committee. The report, delivered to Council at its February 24 meeting, encourages Council and staff to build on the success of their research and consultation efforts in the development of standards of practice and the accreditation process.

The Quality Assurance Committee was established in 1998 by Council to ensure the College protects the public interest efficiently and satisfies the 11 objects of the College mandated by the Act.

"The College has progressed towards meeting the majority of its mandated objects," said committee Chair Karen Mitchell. "A lot of quality work has been accomplished and the public involvement is remarkable in a number of areas. The College's activities clearly reflect a commitment to protect the public interest."

The committee particularly noted the College's efforts to involve members of the College and the public in the development of the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. About 1,500 College members and hundreds of members of the public were consulted and 200,000 copies of the standards were distributed over a three-month period.

The committee also praised the accreditation process for "the scope and nature of the research that underpinned the initial phases of the pilot accreditation, the work throughout policy development and process stages, both internal and external, and the co-operation extended to the College by the faculties concerned."

The report presented to Council by the committee includes a list of 15 recommendations to continue to improve the College's operations. They include the identification of priority issues to follow up with the Minister of Education on a regular basis, the review of Additional Qualification and supervisory officer programs and the continued use and review of a dispute resolution protocol by the Investigations and Hearings Department.

The committee also recommended that the implementation of the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession include a review process and that members who access the resources of the library for academic research be requested to submit copies of their final papers to the College.

In the future, the Quality Assurance Committee recommends focusing on a limited number of objects for its review every year.

Appointments in Investigations and Hearings

joncas.jpg (10870 bytes)Laurent Joncas, a teacher of 25 years standing, has been named the new Senior Investigator in the College's Investigations and Hearings Department. Pauline Faubert-McCabe has been appointed to Joncas' former position as Senior Intake Officer in the Complaints Unit.

As Senior Investigator, Joncas's major responsibility is to supervise the College investigators and co-ordinate the case management activities of the Investigations Unit. He is also responsible for the development and implementation of the College's dispute resolution program.

Joncas joined the College in 1997 as Senior Intake Officer in the Complaints Unit. Before that, he was an education officer with the Ministry of Education. He is a former provincial president of l'Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens and a former vice-president of the Ontario Teachers' Federation.

mccabe.jpg (11820 bytes)Pauline Faubert-McCabe, a teacher for more than 20 years with a number of school boards in southwestern Ontario, joined the College in January 1998 as a bilingual program officer in Evaluation Services and later joined the Accreditation Unit of the Professional Affairs Department at the College. She came to the College from the Ministry of Education's Kitchener-Waterloo district office.

As Senior Intake Officer, Faubert-McCabe manages the bilingual call centre that deals with complaints from the public and College members.

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