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chair.jpg (11036 bytes) From the Chair

The new Chair of the College Council talks about the next three years.

regist.jpg (4648 bytes) Registrar's Report

Margaret Wilson writes her last report.

letters.jpg (4548 bytes) Letters to the Editor
cover.jpg (10002 bytes) Margaret Wilson: College’s First Registrar Retires

During Margaret Wilson’s tenure, the College has become an internationally known and respected example of how the teaching profession should govern itself.

Exodus to Continue

School board recruiters will face tough challenges for another decade as the exodus of retiring teachers continues until 2010.

supper3.jpg (9788 bytes) From Soil to Supper: Teaching Kids Where Food Comes From

Teachers and parents have come together to give schoolchildren a fun day at the farm to learn the art and science of food production.

barclay.jpg (7091 bytes) Teachers Are People: The Frightening Truth

Linwood Barclay remembers the day when the stunning truth was forced on him that teachers have a life outside the schools.

paikin.jpg (9139 bytes) Remarkable Teachers

TVOntario’s Steve Paikin remembers with admiration the man who impressed on him the beauty and timelessness of the classics of music and the fine arts.

Blue Pages

An introduction to the newly elected members of the second College Council, the new Registrar, the 2001 College budget and more.

Legal Milestones

A Toronto-based organization has produced a summary of age-based legal milestones for young people in Ontario to inform parents, teachers and students about their rights and responsibilities under current legislation.

linking.jpg (10109 bytes) Evaluating Teacher Performance: Linking the Past to the Future

Boards of Reference have disappeared from the education system in Ontario but their legacy helps to ensure that evaluation of teachers’ performance achieves professional growth, more effective teaching and effective student learning.

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