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Apps Analysis

By Stefan Dubowski


'Application icon for 'Remind' app. The icon consists of the the numbers '101' in a word bubble.

Transform ineffective reminders into friendly ones that stick. Use this app to text students and parents about everything from permission slips to assignments. Tap the scheduler to forward messages on specific days. Use photo messaging to share images, whiteboard content and more. No matter how many people you communicate with at a time (there’s no limit!), the app never displays phone numbers or other confidential information. Thankfully this app doesn’t receive, so you won’t have to manage yet another inbox. Have students who can’t receive texts? No problem — convert them into emails to help ensure your reminders reach non-texters too.

Device: Apple, Android
Sources: iTunes, Google Play; free
Ratings : 4+, Everyone

The Elements

Application icon for 'The Elements' app. The icon is the letters 'Xe'.

Battle chemistry class boredom with this stunning take on Theodore Gray’s The Elements. This app not only lists densities, atomic mass and other properties, but it uncovers fascinating stories about when elements were discovered and how they’re used. Access deeper data including thermodynamic and nuclear properties via the Wolfram|Alpha search engine. Rotate and zoom in on high-res photographs for up-close, multi-angled views. Have 3-D glasses? Put them on, punch the 3-D button and view the building blocks of the universe in a whole new light. Hit the Language tab to read information in English, French and several other languages.

Device: Apple
Source: iTunes; $13.99
Rating: 4+


Application icon for 'News-O-Matic' app. The icon is of a cartoon dog with a newspaper in mouth.

Extra, extra! Get iOS users aged 7 to 11 reading all about world events with this app. It circulates fi ve daily articles (sports, science and global issues, for example), as well as wacky items to make your students smile. Improve comprehension with a feature that reads articles aloud and sounds out diffi cult words. Images and videos draw readers in, while detailed maps show where the action is happening. Integrated games and fun facts help youngsters become world-savvy citizens. Children’s literature writers pen the stories and a child psychologist reviews them to ensure published content is appropriate for impressionable minds.

Device: Apple
Source: iTunes; 99¢ to $19.99
Rating: 4+