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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

Gender Studies

A look at the various gender differences at play in Ontario schools.

By Steve Brearton

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Infographic illustrating statistics about education in Ontario. Long description follows.
Infographics: Marlo Biasutti/Studio141

An illustrated infographic titledBy The Numbers: Gender Studies, a look at the various gender differences at play in Ontario schools by Steve Brearton. The infographic is divided into four sections.

The first section is called On The Job and lists the following gender distribution within the teaching profession. From 1991-1995, 35% of teachers and department heads were Male and 65% were Female while 64% of principals and vice-principals were Male and 36% were Female. From 2011 to 2012, 29% of Teachers and Department Heads were Male and 61% were Female while 39% were Male and 61% were Female.

The next section is titled Student Attendance and lists the following data: in 2012 48% of students were Female and 52% were Male. In 2012 the high school dropout rate was 10% for Males and 6% for Females.

The next section is titled, Acting Out and lists the following on the most common ways Grades 7 to 12 students were bullied in 2011. 1% of Female and 4% of Male students were physically bullied. 28% of Females were cyberbullied while 15% of Males were. 30% of Female students and 20% of Male students were verbally bullied. 1/2% of Female and Male students reported theft or vandalism.

The next section is titled Mental Note and lists the following data. In 2011 43% of Female students and 24% of Male students reported periods of elevated psychological distress while 19% of Female students and 11% of Male students reported making a mental health-care visit.