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Find an AQ Near You

By Melissa Campeau

Interested in exploring AQ course options? Go to the “Find an AQ” page ( on the College website. Once you’re there, search by AQ name and provider institution. There are 371 courses, 37 providers, and many distance/online options in the mix.

If you don’t know the AQ course name, you can also use the site’s general search engine to track down an information page.

If you can’t find the course you’re looking for offered at a local provider, mention it to the College by emailing Déirdre Smith, OCT, Manager Standards of Practice and Education Unit, at . The College collects all course requests and lets providers know, on a quarterly basis, what members are looking for.

Recently, the College moved to a more detailed search engine that provides members with access to up-to-date course information. AQ providers such as Trent University and Queen’s University have established a data feed in order to more fully participate in Find an AQ. The College invites all providers to do the same.