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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

Safety First

Protecting students in Ontario schools.

By Steve Brearton

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Infographic illustrating statistics about education in Ontario. Long description follows.
Infographics: Hannah Browne/Studio 141

An illustrated infographic titled By The Numbers: Protecting Students in Ontario Schools by Steve Brearton. The infographic is divided into four sections.

The first section is called First Aid and lists the following data: 91% of Ontario Certified Teachers have cared for students with a serious injury, such as broken bones or a concussion. 86% of Ontario Certified Teachers have refused to start a proposed activity because it posed a risk to student safety.

The next section is called Injury Claims and says, "Students reporting injuries requiring treatment by a doctor or nurse. In 2002, for Grade 6 students, 55% were Male and 47% were Female while for Grade 10 students 59% were Male and 50% were Female. In 2010, for Grade 6 students, 42% were Male and 35% were Female while for Grade 10 Students 46% were Male and 37% were Female."

The next section is called Accident Prevention and says, "These are items or activities, banned at one point or another from some Canadian schools for safety reasons: one, footballs. two, soccer balls. three, hockey mini-sticks. four, baseballs. five, skateboards. six, lanyards. seven, tag. eight, high jump. nine, throwing snowballs."

The third and final section is called Safe Space and says, "$10 million is the amount of money pledged by the Ministry of Education in 2012, to help elementary schools implement a locked-door policy where all entrances are barred during class hours.