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Governing Ourselves

This section provides updates on licensing and qualification requirements, notification of Council resolutions and reports from various Council committees, including reports on accreditation and discipline matters.

College News

Welcoming Spaces for Everyone

The public washrooms on the College’s 12th, 14th and 15th floors have undergone a subtle but important change. The College has proudly added new gender-neutral signage to these facilities.

The College’s public washrooms are already single-stall and wheel-chair accessible, in keeping with Ontario’s Human Rights Code. The addition of gender-neutral signage, however, actively signals our washrooms are welcoming
spaces for everyone to use. Inclusive design removes implicit or explicit barriers, prevents discrimination and promotes equal accessibility. It’s about creating spaces that are accommodating, open and safe.

Ontario legislation protects a person’s choice of washrooms, but these regulations are relatively new. The College has long supported inclusivity and diversity. The Ethical Standards for the Teaching
Profession encourage us to model respect, honour human dignity and show compassion. Gender-neutral signs are just one visible expression of our professional commitment.

An image of gender-neutral bathroom signage. On the image are symbols for female, male, wheelchair accessible and non gender specific.