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Celebrating Through Art

More than 70 schools in Ontario participated in a student art exhibition to commemorate the College’s 20th anniversary. We asked students to create their artwork based on four themes: what they love about school; favourite subject; what they want to learn; and if they were a teacher. Here is a selection of pieces. View the complete gallery* at

A childlike illustration of stick figures.
Photo of student artist Jake Varieur and teacher Lindsey Gottlieb.

What I Love About School: SK to Grade 6

Artist: Jake Varieur, Senior Kindergarten

Teacher: Lindsey Gottlieb, OCT
Tawingo College, Huntsville

A collage of colourful musical instruments: saxophone, trumpet and keyboard.
Photo of student artist Piper Nash and teacher Katie Lutraan Dowson.
Photo of student artist Piper Nash and teacher Katie Lutraan Dowson.

My Favourite Subject: SK to Grade 6

Artist: Piper Nash, Grade 2

Teacher: Katie Lutraan Dowson, OCT
Mount Hope Elementary School, Hamilton

Photo of student artist Adriana Cruz-Coronas and teacher Rita Hisar.
A pencil crayon drawing with various motivational phrases: “Don’t give up.” “Never stop learning.” “A negative mind will never give you a positive life.”

If I Were a Teacher: Grades 7–12

Artist: Adriana Cruz-Coronas, Grade 7

Teacher: Rita Hisar, OCT
St. Raphael Catholic School, Toronto

Photo of student artist Andrew Stevenson and teacher Diana Hatzepetros-Middleton.
Black and white photo of a young student reading from an open book to a younger student. Both are seated on the floor surrounded by books. The younger student is pointing to the open book.

I Want to Learn to … Grades 7–12

Artist: Andrew Stevenson, Grade 7

Teacher: Diana Hatzepetros-Middleton, OCT
Runnymede Junior & Senior Public School, Toronto

*The student artwork will be on display on the College’s 14th and 15th floors until December.