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At the College

Photos: Ontario College of Teachers

Photo of an international delegations of educators from Brazil pictured with College Chair Angela De Palma.

Visitors from abroad

The College played host to a number of international delegations of educators from South Africa, South Korea, Australia and China. They were here to learn about the College’s mandate, foundations of professional practice and the investigation and hearings process. (Pictured: College Council Chair Angela De Palma, OCT, [left] and College CEO and Registrar Michael Salvatori, OCT, [right] with members of the South African delegation.)

Photo of College staff at baby shows in Ottawa and Toronto.

Raising awareness

In April, College staff continued to spread the word to parents about the role it plays in protecting students. Information displays could be found at the Durham District School Board’s Parents as Partners Symposium, the Toronto Baby Show, the Mama Expo & Fam Jam in Windsor, the Ottawa Parent and Child Expo and the BabyTime Show in Mississauga, Ont.

Photo of a group of provincial AQ writers seated at a table during an AQ development consultation.

AQ institute

Last February, the College facilitated an AQ Institute for course developers on holistic and inquiry-based Additional Qualification (AQ) course design. To help establish or review guidelines for AQ courses, the College facilitates institutes, focus groups, open space consultations, online surveys and more to collaborate with a diverse group of stakeholders.