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At the College


Photo of an international delegations of educators from Brazil pictured with College Chair Angela De Palma.

Promoting diversity

The College demonstrated its commitment to inclusivity and diversity at Pride Toronto in June. Pride attendees stopped by our information display to find out how we regulate the teaching profession in the public interest.

Photo of College staff at baby shows in Ottawa and Toronto.

New college council

On July 4, 2018, the College held its inaugural meeting of the eighth Council. The Council’s members elected new Chair of Council Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT, and Vice-Chair Tim Gernstein, OCT. The Chairs and members of each of Council’s 14 committees were also appointed.

Photo of a group of provincial AQ writers seated at a table during an AQ development consultation.

International educators

Educators from China (pictured) and Korea visited the College over the summer to hear about its mandate, investigations and hearings process, and its Professional Learning Framework. Throughout the year the College hosts delegations from around the world that come to learn about self-regulation and our role in education.