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Letters to the Editor

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No room for competition

Photo of an article from 'Professionally Speaking' September 2017.

I read Pop Quiz with Anthony Lacavera in the June issue. Lacavera’s ideal future of Canada is terrifying. A tribute to competition runs completely counter to the best in pedagogy, which is based on collaboration, inquiry and the mutual pursuit of truth. There is simply no room for the violence of competition in today’s classrooms. Personal success is not as rewarding as the success of all — of communities that are built on humane and social principles. And it is stories of successes such as these that should be shared within and outside of school walls. We need less artificial intelligence and more ethical intelligence — the intelligence that questions, that critically dissents, that endeavours to swim upstream while thinking of those affected downstream. What’s more important than “How We Can Win” is this: how we can live and, better, love.

—Joshua Christopher Weresch, OCT, is an occasional teacher with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board in Hamilton.

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