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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

By the Numbers: STEM Sell

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in Ontario schools.

By Steve Brearton

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Infographic illustrating statistics about education in Ontario. Long description follows.

An infographic titled By the Numbers: STEM Sell shows results from Professionally Speaking's 2019 reader survey by Steve Brearton. It is divided into three sections.

The first section is titled Shared Values and presents the following data: 90% of teachers and administrators believe STEM education improves student learning. 78% of high school students believe STEM education is relevant to their lives and careers." The source for this information is the Toronto District School Board, 2016.

The next section is titled Course Outline and presents the following data with a pie chart: 6,531 STEM-related AQ courses were completed in 2017. 21% of all AQ courses taken that year. The source for this information is the Ontario College of Teachers, 2017 Annual Report.

The last section is titled Computer Savvy and presents the following data of the percentage of Canadian students (aged 12 to 18) with a bar graph: 81% of boys and 56% of girls are interested in careers that involve coding or programming. 96% of boys and 97% of girls are confident in their ability to use digital technologies. 41% of boys and 28% of girls are confident in their coding and programming abilities. The source for this information is the Actua's Coding the Future Survey, 2018.

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