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chair.jpg (11036 bytes) The College is recommending a comprehensive 15-point program to ensure competent teachers in Ontario's classrooms. The College's advice to the Minister of Education on teacher testing is based on thorough international research and public consultation.
regist.jpg (4648 bytes) England has a new regulatory body for teachers, the General Teaching Council for England
letters.jpg (4548 bytes) Our readers write
testing.jpg (36659 bytes) The College's response to Education Minister Janet Ecker on teacher testing is an affective program modelled on best practices used by self-regulating professions in Canada and around the world.
testing2.jpg (39327 bytes) Participants came well prepared to the College's consultations on teacher testing
testing2.jpg (39327 bytes) The College wants to ensure that teacher have the language skills needed to function well in the classroom, but ht e government has not yet approved a language proficiency regulation submitted a year ago.
reading.jpg (18409 bytes) Hundreds of teachers helped develop the Grade 10 reading and writing test that will be introduced across the province in October. Find out how the test was developed and how it will work.
clarkson.jpg (11723 bytes) Adrienne Clarkson's remarkable teacher was "just a very extra special person." At 88, he could still pack a school gym with 800 former students wanting to hear him read a poem.
Blue Pages Highlights of the annual report, the new fee stabilization fund, proposed Regulation 184/97 changes and more.
response.jpg (17322 bytes) The government recently expanded the grounds or reasons for finding a child is in need of protection. Here's what teacher need to know about their increased responsibilities.
teaching.jpg (16568 bytes) Good teachers matter a lot when it comes to student learning. In fact, the impact of a good teacher on a student lasts for at least two years, says recent reasearch.
planner.jpg (24373 bytes) The Minister of Education is piloting a software package to help teachers write and share curriculum units.
Awareness Children with brain injuries can suffer additional trauma in the classroom from a lack of understanding. A teacher who knows what to look for can make all the difference.
thomson.jpg (12961 bytes) The dedication and passion of Janice Thomson for teaching lives on trough a $2000 award to assist secondary teachers develop creative learning resources.
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