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chair.jpg (11036 bytes) The College Remains Committed to Consulting on Teacher Testing
Despite tight timelines, Council is consulting as widely as possible with a broad range of educators.
regist.jpg (4648 bytes) Council to Review Labour Mobility Agreement
The College is moving forward on a number of initiatives that will open up new opportunities for its members, both in Ontario and across Canada.
letters.jpg (4548 bytes) Professionally Speaking welcomes letters and articles on topics of interest to teachers. We reserve the right to edit letters for length. To be considered for publication, all letters must be signed and provide the writer’s daytime phone number. Letters should be addressed to: The Editor, e-mail:
ps12.jpg (18944 bytes) Cover Story: Putting the Pieces Together
Twenty-two options have emerged from the College’s reasearch on demonstrating teacher competence. There are many pieces to the puzzle of how to respond to the government's proposal on teacher testing.
Developing “Complete, Accurate and Reliable” Advice on Teacher Testing
The College’s advice on teacher testing to the Minister of Education will be grounded on thorough research and consultation — a close look at the process.
63c.jpg (23748 bytes) Minister’s Task Force on Teacher Supply Toiled Mightily, But Results Are Meagre
One year after a high-profile task force on teacher supply presented its recommendations to the ministry, little has been done to implement them. Is time running out?
Education Faculties Respond Strongly to Ontario’s Teacher Shortage
Ontario's education faculties swiftly increase their intake in 1999-2000 to help deal with Ontario's teacher shortage.
courage1.jpg (24211 bytes) The Courage of Teachers
Throughout Kosovo, in cities and villages, in both Albanian and Serbian communities, children and teachers are struggling together to find a way to rebuild their lives, to find a way to even imagine a future without fear or hatred.
ruffman.jpg (28960 bytes) Remarkable Teachers
Mag Ruffman’s Remarkable Teachers
“I fiercely loved all my public school teachers,” Mag Ruffman asserts,
“but I managed to select three.”
Blue Pages
Need-to-know information for members on ethical standards, the government's plan for teacher testing, new-look certificates and much more.
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Technology and its Impact: Some Very Educated Guesses
The capacity for teachers to make contributions to society is not limited to the classroom, but there are few people who can see beyond the conventional.

Working in the Private Sector
Most people assume teachers working in the private sector have jobs that involve training. People also assume that the teachers are doing those jobs only because they were unable to get a place in a classroom.
software.jpg (22156 bytes) Teachers Have Input on Software for Classroom Use
If you are one of the many teachers who find computer software a great classroom tool, look sharp! You have a chance to provide some input on what software you will be able to use next year.
kahn.jpg (16943 bytes) Teaching in the Land of Genghis Kahn
Mary Nebesny wen t to Mongolia to train teachers in the summer of 1999. Teaching conditions in the land of Genghis Khan are a real eye opener.
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