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Final Exam

A profile photo of CTV’s Melissa Grelo.

The Social Life

CTV’s Melissa Grelo shares her soft spot for skipping, Steinem and Cheez Whiz sandwiches.

By Laura Bickle
Photo: Courtesy of CTV/Todd Fraser; Tickets: iStock

Name: Melissa Grelo

Describe your school-aged self.

Annoyingly energized. Engaged.

In elementary school?

Attentive, a good listener, a leader.

And in high school?

Assertive, engaged, a leader.

What was your favourite subject?

Everything — especially mathematics. I was captain of the math league and had a 99 per cent average.

And the most challenging one?

Visual arts. It’s just not my thing.

Any inspiring books from that time?

Gloria Steinem’s Revolution from Within and Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth. They both challenged my perception of who I was and how others perceived me. They made me think seriously about how I wanted to contribute in life.

What were your top three favourite things to do during recess?

Playing tag, handball and skipping.

Your most memorable school lunch?

A Cheez Whiz sandwich.

Extracurricular activities of choice?

Volleyball and math league.

Who are your heroes?

Gloria Steinem and Sheryl Sandberg [author of Lean In].

Do you recall who your most influential teacher was and why?

Michael Horton [OCT] my high school English teacher. I credit my inquisitive nature to him. He was unconventional. He provided more of a university-style lecture and encouraged us to always ask questions, which also meant questioning the establishment.

If you could create any new course of your choice, what would it be?

Real-world skills for young women. For example, how to negotiate in business.

What was your dream career?

When I was really young, I wanted to be a veterinarian because I grew up on a farm. In high school, I wanted to be a teacher.

What teaching skills have you carried over into your work as a journalist?

Both require a love of information and the ability to convey it to an audience in an accurate and compelling way.

What do you miss about teaching?

The students, though, I’m still in touch with many of them. I miss interacting with them every day and finding out what’s cool! It’s fair to say that I learned more from them than they did from me.

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