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Tools of the Trade

Time-Saving Tech

Is there a towering stack of memos, Pinterest printouts and newsletters on your desk? If so, consider pitching the paper and leveraging your tech. You’ll de-clutter, save time and make room for more inspiration. To help, here are 10 tools designed to whip the sticky-note chaos into orderly shape. Happy organizing!

By Melissa Campeau

  1. Scribd

    Goodbye, photocopier! Post articles, presentations, assignments and student work in a private online forum for the class to read. Bonus: search for teacher-tested lesson plans from others in the Scribd community. (

  2. VoiceThread

    Studying the French Revolution? Spark conversations and tame those piles of handouts by compiling docs and images into one online slide show. Students tap in, then share ideas with the group by writing directly onto presentation pages. (

  3. Pocket

    Why  do  the  most  intriguing  blog  posts and articles seem to pop up when there’s no time to read them? Collate all your must-reads into one easy-to-access spot, then have a look when the time is right. (

  4. Edmodo

    Tick off multiple to-do list items with this Facebook-style app. Teachers can connect with students and get them talking about assignments, assess their understanding of material and offer sneak previews of upcoming lessons. (

  5. Evernote

    Group project in the works? Simplify the check-in process with the app’s shared notebook feature. Teachers keep tabs on student progress, then send “notes” (in video, audio or written form) to encourage or redirect the effort. (

  6. Nureva Troove

    Capture effort, progress and achievement — visually — when students upload their work to personalized portfolios. They can write goals and add notes about their work to foster more connection and engagement. (

  7. Youtube

    Science experiments in the works? Create a channel for each class or unit, then post video alternatives (or additions) to reading assignments, links to extra resources, student work in progress and even recorded lectures for study help. (

  8. Remind

    Sometimes text is best. Want to round up parent volunteers? Remind students about a test? This tool manages contact lists and lets teachers send quick, to-the-point messages to specific groups of parents and students. (

  9. TeacherKit

    Out with random scraps of pape, in with orderly and easy-to-read data. Attendance? Done. Notes on behaviour? Got 'em. Seating charts? recorded. Grades? Tabulated. All in a printable, searchable form. (

  10. Flipboard

    Want to dive deep into oceanography? Share the latest U.S election news with students? Save counteless hours of research with this magazine-like app, built to sift, search and store, so you don't have to. (

For best practices in technology, consult the College’s professional advisory Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media (