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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

By the Numbers: Growing Eco-Education

Green-focused learning and achievements in Ontario schools.

By Steve Brearton

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An infographic titled By the Numbers: Growing Eco-Education by Steve Brearton. It is divided into three sections.

The first section is titled Eco-leadership and says that from 2018-2019: 1 million Ontario students engaged in environment learning and action; 50,000 teachers, administrators, students and parent members were part of EcoTeams (organized by EcoSchools Canada) helping green their schools and 1 million dollars in provincial funding was provided to create up to 190 elementary school edible gardens.

The second section is titled Green Growth, Ontario schools by environmental certification and displays the following data: from 2014-15 there were 48 platinum ecoschool* certifications, 1,173 ecoschool certifications and 3,470 non-certified. From 2018-19 there were 344 platinum ecoschool* certifications; 1,552 ecoschool certifications and 2,973 non-certified.

The third section is titled In the right direction, boards with 100 per cent of schools receiving echoschool certifications. From 2017-18: 1 from 2018-2019: 6.

Sources: EchoSchools Canada, Enerlife Consulting and Ontario Ministry of Finance.

*k-12 schools in Ontario earn EchoSchool certification by demonstrating achievemnts in enciromentmtal learning and action.

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