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By the Numbers & Tweet Sheet

By the Numbers: Tech Support

Facts and figures about technology in Ontario school classrooms.

By Steve Brearton

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Infographic illustrating statistics about education in Ontario. Long description follows.

A section by Steve Brearton titled By the Numbers: Tech Support shows facts and figures about technology in Ontario school classrooms.

The first section is titled In Classrooms and Beyond and is a bar graph displaying the percentage that Ontario schools report students access technology. In classrooms: 96%, in the library: 85%, in a lab: 76%, on their own devices: 58%, no: access: 1%.

The second section is a bar graph titled Teachers' Tools that shows how elementary and secondary school teachers use a range of technology to support learning in the classroom. Online classroom: 85% elementary teachers and 91% secondary teachers. Remind app: 43% elementary teachers and 58% secondary teachers. Email: 42% elementary teachers and 75% secondary teachers. Websites: 41% elementary teachers and 59% secondary teachers. Texting: 9% elementary teachers and 17% secondary teachers. Other technology: 17% elementary teachers and 12% secondary teachers.

The third section is titled Communication and Language. It contains two bar graphs. The first bar graph shows the percentage of Ontario teachers who reported asking their students to use the internet as part of their language instruction in 2018. Grade 3 teachers: 68%. Grade 6 teachers: 94%. The second bar graph shows the percentage of Ontario schools in which some teachers communicate with students using technology in 2019. The percentages are based on the responses to a People for Education survey. Elementary teachers: 97%. Secondary teachers: 100%.

Sources: People for Education, 2019; Education Quality and Accountability Office, 2018

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