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PS Poll

Learning in Motion

Here are the Top 10 strategies you use to help safely incorporate more healthy physical activity into your students' days, courtesy of our latest poll.

illustration: jeannie phan

Teacher demonstrating healthy physical activity to students in a classroom
  1. Incorporate movement-based games like Charades into lessons.
  2. Encourage regular standing and stretching breaks.
  3. Take lessons outside so students have space to move while they learn.
  4. Use a "gallery walk" strategy to have students move around the room and review materials.
  5. Take dance breaks.
  6. Do a 10-minute workout. (Outside, if possible!)
  7. Add walks through hallways or outside during the day.
  8. Offer extra recess time as a reward.
  9. Develop a scavenger hunt with clues about the day's activity.
  10. Begin the day with a mindfulness minute or meditation.