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A Modernized College

Recently passed legislation replaces the College's traditional Council election model with a new and progressive, competency-based selection process. The selection process will take into consideration the knowledge, skills and expertise of College members.

All College members will have an opportunity to participate in the governance of their profession. Members will sit on a smaller Council and different College members will sit on statutory and regulatory committees.

The application process will be quick and efficient, offering applicants ways to highlight their skills, training and willingness to serve the public interest.

The competency-based selection process will help ensure Council, committees and roster members more accurately reflect the diversity of Ontario.

By comparison, the election process was costly and voter turnout was low. Only a small number of College members participated in the regulation of your profession.

Visit for more information and to apply.

Cost of the last four elections combined: $1,333,300

Average voter turnout: 2.9%

Average cost per vote: $52