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PS Poll

Best in Class

Here are the Top 10 ways Ontario Certified Teachers engage their students in learning, courtesy of our latest poll.

Illustration: Jeannie Phan

Illustration of various ways teachers can engage their students in learning.
  1. Support the social and collaborative elements of learning.
  2. Incorporate multiple ways of knowing into learning experiences (such as visual, auditory, kinesthetic, socio-emotional, experiential and outdoor).
  3. Create multiple avenues for individual support and feedback.
  4. Celebrate the joy and creativity associated with learning.
  5. Connect learning to the identities, cultures, interests, goals and lived experiences of learners.
  6. Create opportunities for self and group reflection and assessment.
  7. Organize learning opportunities into modules or small units.
  8. Innovate and experiment with a range of online platforms, tools and resources.*
  9. Promote and honour the voice, leadership, efficacy and perspectives of students.
  10. Invite learners to critically explore issues around social justice and equity.

* This was the #1 response for teachers working with online classrooms.