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Registrar's Report

Continued Excellence in Teaching

The College places students' well-being and interests first.

by Dr. Derek Haime, OCT
PHoto: Kenora Catholic District School Board

Dr. Derek Haime, OCT.

The Ontario College of Teachers is rightfully trusted to regulate our esteemed profession to ensure excellence in teaching by placing students' well-being and interests first. I am honoured to begin this work as a servant leader. In harmony with the roles and responsibilities I have been entrusted with as the College Registrar and CEO, I am a teacher first and foremost.

Our publicly funded education system is among the best in the world. This is supported by institutions like the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which measures school systems internationally through initiatives such as the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

"[PISA's] high performer Canada does even better on global competence than what the high performance of its students in reading, math and science predicts," writes Andreas Schleicher, director for the OECD's Directorate for Education and Skills in his blog post Are students ready to thrive in an interconnected world?. The article examines results of the first 2018 PISA assessment of global competence to survey students' strength in reading, mathematics and science, and how that knowledge can be used to gain a better understanding of global perspectives.

I believe that education in Ontario, and around the world, is refocusing. In their book The Devil Is in the Details: System Solutions for Equity, Excellence, and Student Well-Being, Michael Fullan and Mary Jean Gallagher argue that education must be devoted to engaging the world to change the world. "For us, education founded on equity, excellence and well-being is the way forward toward this end," they write.

The College is well-positioned to meet this challenge of solidifying the promotion of equity, excellence and well-being in Ontario schools. The work has already begun and will continue throughout my tenure. A rising tide lifts all boats, and I am proud of the College's considerable contribution to that tide.

As your Registrar and CEO, I will ensure the College remains dedicated to the mission/mandate of regulating our profession with honesty, transparency, accountability and sustainability. Student achievement and well-being is paramount to our work. I will always be your partner in working toward that goal.

Dr. Derek Haime's signature.