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Apps Analysis

By Stefan Dubowski

Cut the Rope 2

'Cut the Rope' 2 app icon.

Meet Om Nom, a character whose love of candy may match that of your students — and they even get to help him attain those sweets. Players have to think and persevere as the candy is suspended by ropes attached to pulleys, balloons and other contraptions. Cut the ropes, pop the balloons and get the apparatus pointed toward Om Nom's mouth to score points. It's all problem-solving, part of the early elementary science curriculum. Note the game is free or close to it, but ads for pricey "premium" bundles appear often, so parents and teachers should be nearby, just in case.

DEVICE: Apple, Android
SOURCE: Apple App Store (free), Google Play ($1.19)
RATING:4+, Everyone


'WeatherCAN' app icon.

Calling all weather watchers: This app's like a sunny day in June. Developed by the federal government's Environment and Climate Change Canada, it's a rich repository of information on everything climate including current local conditions and an hourly forecast. There's a zoomable precipitation radar map. Open the inbox for messages on weather-related facts, such as Fata Morgana — a mirage that can make it look as if something is floating in the air. Recommended for Grade 7 geography students to support their lessons on weather.

DEVICE: Apple, Android
SOURCE: Apple App Store (free), Google Play (free)
RATING: 4+, Everyone


'Florence app' icon.

This interactive story has lots to say, yet few words. It's a love tale focused on 25-year-old Florence Yeoh as she balances career, family and romance. The way it's told is sophisticated, unfolding through music, images and miniature games to move the narrative along. It's an excellent example of art and technology working together. It's also proof positive for high school students who may struggle to find the words, that they don't necessarily have to rely on text to tell their own stories. The app is a good complement to storytelling in Grade 11 Presentation and Speaking Skills.

DEVICE: Apple, Android
SOURCE: Apple App Store ($2.99), Google Play ($3.69)
RATING: 4+, Everyone