Membership Services Answers Frequently Asked Questions
When calling Membership Services, please have your College registration number or Social Insurance Number at hand to help us serve you better.

Last year I completed some of my board's professional learning activities that are also listed as Professional Learning Program (PLP) course options for one or more credits. How do I get them counted toward my professional learning record?

If the course you completed is listed on the College web site as an approved PLP course, the provider-in this case, your school board-will send the results to the College.

Providers send the College information only about courses you have successfully completed. The College records this information on the individual member's file.

Early in 2003, you will be able to check for yourself through our Members' Area on the College web site.

Until then, have your College registration number ready and call Client Services at 416-961-8800, ext. 330 or toll-free in Ontario at 1-888-534-2222 to verify your record.

My board is an approved provider but didn't record attendance at last year's professional learning workshops. The workshops did not have an assessment component. Can these count?

These workshops can only count toward your professional learning record if they meet all criteria for an approved activity, including a minimum time component of five hours and an assessment component.

Some boards have told the College they may not have the ability to facilitate an assessment component for the hundreds of activities that occurred since June 30, 2001, or to ascertain which members attended workshops.

As well, many of the workshops did not meet the minimum time requirement of five hours.

When will I be able to see my own record of PLP credits and activities?

Early in 2003 through the Members' Area of the College web site, you will be able to view your record of PLP credits indicating activities that you have completed. The page will also indicate areas that need to be completed.

This record will be updated on an ongoing basis as providers report your successful completion of PLP activities. You may print this record at any time.

As well, six months prior to the end of your cycle, the College will mail to you a copy of your record, indicating the PLP credits earned to that date and which credits you need to earn by December 31 of the final year of your five-year cycle.

What identification information do I have to give a provider to make sure my results are forwarded accurately to the College?

To make sure you receive the PLP credits you earn, a provider must submit several clear identifiers for you-your name, your College registration number and your date of birth-every time you successfully complete a course.

You may also be asked to give your social insurance number and postal code. These identifiers ensure that credits go to the appropriate individual.

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