Answering Your Calls

College call centre staff answer over 1,000 calls every day. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


If I am on a leave of absence from my district school board, will the board continue to submit to the College my annual membership fee? If not, how can I submit the fee?

Before you take your leave you should confirm with your district school board whether the annual membership fee is being deducted from any salary you are receiving during your leave. If the board is not submitting the fee you may pay by credit card on the College web site at You may also mail a cheque to the College, payable to the Ontario College of Teachers. Fees are due January 1, 2004.

How can I be notified of my Additional Qualifications (AQs) since I understand the College is no longer mailing out acknowledgement letters?

When you supply your current e-mail address to the College a notice will be sent out automatically to that address - whether for AQ, Additional Basic Qualification (ABQ) or Professional Learning (PL) credits. Register your e-mail address confidentially in the members' area of the College web site.

If an e-mail address has been cancelled and that is the address you had on file for me, is there any way to get a copy of the acknowledgement?

If the notice has already been sent to the current e-mail address we have on file for you, it cannot be re-sent. However, you can check your profile on the public register to confirm any AQs or ABQs.

How can I request an extension to my Professional Learning cycle?

Once your Professional Learning cycle has begun you are eligible to apply for an extension to it when you meet any of the following criteria. You are:

  • on an employer-approved leave of absence
  • unemployed
  • working in a position that does not require an Ontario Certificate of Qualification.

In any of these situations four or more complete consecutive calendar months within any 12-month period will qualify you for an extension of one year.

If the total time in one or more of these situations surpasses 16 months, you could be eligible for an extension of two years. It is recommended that you apply for an extension when your leave ends, when you begin or resume teaching or when you begin a position that requires your Ontario teaching certificate.

To access the Request for Extension form and frequently asked questions about extensions please go to

How can I see how many PLP credits have been recorded on my Professional Learning (PL) record?

To see your Professional Learning record you must register in the Members' Area and log in using your password. Once logged in look for the menu item on the left entitled, Track your Professional Learning Progress, and click on it. Here you will see all your Professional Learning Program (PLP) course completions that have been reported to the College.

The PL record does not include a tally of your credits; instead, there are seven core area spaces and seven elective spaces. The number of spaces filled indicates the number of credits accumulated out of the required 14.

When your provider supplies the correct identifying information, the PLP credits will appear immediately in your PL record. However, if identification is inaccurate or incomplete it may take up to 10 weeks from the time the College receives the PLP result (not from when you completed the course) to match it to your PL record.