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by Lynda Scarrow

Star treks

Canadian Space Agency

Arts Edge

fly Canadian

Our own Canadian Space Agency’s site has nice interactive features for kids. Animations show how Dextre, the space station robot, works, and you can print the corresponding colouring pages or colour them online. Send postcards to astronaut Bob Thirsk. Multimedia resources can be ordered.

Nasa Kids’ Club

Incredible Art Department

flashy web site

Choose For Students to get to the Nasa Kids’ Club where information is organized by skill level. Content is beautifully and simply presented, with lots of detail. Navigation is set up in spaceship-like control panels, and students can help Buzz Lightyear ensure that the next load of mission supplies meets weight specifications. The main site has lots of great teacher resources.

Amazing Space

Larry's Toon Institute

well-designed option

Want to see what’s happening in the sky tonight? Amazing Space offers solid information. Discover lots of resources under For Educators and Developers, including classroom activities and educator guides. Online Explorations has great Flash presentations.

Google Sky


Google space maps

Google turns its eye to the skies with images from Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the Digitized Sky Survey and the Hubble Space Telescope. Type the name of a planet in the search box to map its current location. Or click on the Solar System icon, for thumbnails of current planet locations.

National Geographic


excellent resources

imageYou have to sift through other science information, but it is well worth it to access the space materials on this site. Scroll through the Science and Space multimedia bar to access the Interactive Solar System, and scroll down the main page for the Floatable Planet, Space Photos This Week and the Moon Mysteries and Myths quiz. The left-hand navigation provides a complete list of resources. Then find exceptional videos at http://video.nationalgeographic.com.

Hubble Site


well-known options

image Some of the most up-to-date information geared to Grade 5 and higher regarding what is happening in the night skies is found on the Hubble Telescope site. A weekly podcast presents the latest discoveries; Google Earth helps you to scan the sky nightly or be a detective and discover a black hole. This site is well worth a visit!

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