Membership Services Answers Frequently Asked Questions
When calling Membership Services, please have your College registration number or Social Insurance Number at hand to help us serve you better.

On my staff, one teacher is retiring and another is going on maternity leave. Will they be exempted from the Professional Learning Program?

The government is writing a regulation regarding exemptions and extensions — not the College. We now anticipate that the regulation will not be passed until March 2002, so we would expect to know who is exempt before the end of the school year. We’ll post the information on the College web site as soon as it is available.

My husband, who was a teacher, passed away this year. I would like you to update his record to show "Deceased." What do I need to do?

The College requires a copy of his death certificate along with a signed written request from the executor or next of kin to change the status to "Deceased." You can mail the documents to the Ontario College of Teachers at 121 Bloor Street East, 6th Floor, Toronto ON M4W 3M5.

I finished my last assignment for an AQ course last summer. Will it count towards my Professional Learning Program (PLP)?

If you completed a course on or after June 30, 2001, you could receive PLP credit for it. The date that the results are sent to the College by the faculty of education is the completion date for your course. This course will most likely count towards your PLP. Some important conditions apply:
  • you must have been a member of the College when you completed the course.
  • the course provider must apply for and receive approved provider status from the College.

Check with your course provider to see if they have applied for approval. If not, you may wish to contact them. Many educational institutions and groups have already been approved and hundreds more are expected to follow.

To be approved, courses must support the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, have outcomes that include improving student achievement, and be at least five hours long. The course must include a formal assessment.

When the course is approved, the Professional Learning Committee may decide that it is eligible for multiple credits.

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