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December 2020

Professionally Speaking

The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers

Students in line wear face masks

Better Protection for Ontario Students

The College welcomes changes to its legislation.

Nicole van Woudenberg, OCT

Karen Murray, OCT

In Your Profession

In Your Classroom

Tools of the Trade

Shayle Graham, OCT

Great Teaching: Communicating Online

How teachers are applying guidance from the College advisory on electronic communication and social media.

Remarkable Teacher

Actress Cobie Smulders on the teacher who encouraged her to stretch her limits and find her voice.

Final Exam

Stand-up comedian, actor, foodie and host of CBC's Canada Reads competition, Ali Hassan.

Tom Doherty, OCT, facilitates staff training with teachers from Wasaho Cree Nation School


Tech Class

An Ontario Certified Teacher partners with Science North to bring hands-on activities to classrooms.

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Governing Ourselves