Greg Lowenthal, a student with Asperger's syndrome, and Daavid Sintzel, his teacher at Streetsville Secondary School in Mississauga.

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A Look at Special Education
As many as 270,000 of Ontario's students receive special education support for behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities. Professionally Speaking explores some of the realities and frustrations faced by teachers, administrators and parents who are actively involved in educating special needs children.

Asperger's syndrome: the invisible disability
"You could teach a child the theory of relativity once and he'd get it. But you'd have to tell him the rules for lining up for recess 500 times." > full article

Additional Qualification courses reflect holistic approach to teaching
IN 2000, nearly 5,000 teachers took an Additional Qualification (AQ) course in special education. Patricia Goldblatt, a program officer at the Ontario College of Teachers, notes that special education courses regularly have the highest enrolment of any AQ courses. The teacher says, "Teachers see special education training as vital to being a good teacher." > full article

Defining Special Education
As many as 270,000 students receive special education support in Ontario. That's about 12.5 per cent of the students in the province's publicly funded schools. > full article

New teachers take on Special Education
New teachers welcome help from parents, colleagues and teaching assistants. > full article

Special Education at the Ministry: an overview
THE Ministry of Education has made significant changes in how it oversees and funds special education since 1998. > full article

Thriving on Diversity
Principal Nancy Sanders examines what goes into helping first-year teachers succeed in teaching kids with special needs in the regular classroom. > full article

College's first professional advisory

College's first professional advisory
Professional advisories will provide guidance to College members in understanding complex issues that are important to the profession of teaching. > full article

For kids to be successful, they need...

Outstanding veteran teacher Betsy Ramsay-Currie outlines strategies for creating a learning environment. > full article

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