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June 1999

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Premier’s Charter Announcement
Takes College of Teachers by Surprise
The announcement that "teachers will be required to take and pass regular re-certification examination" had not been discussed with the profession.


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Some Cautions for Principals
Most educators agree that the role of the principal in the school and the community is changing. While much attention has focussed on Bill 160’s removal of principals from their federations and the effect on job security, this was only one element of change in an ever-changing vision of their responsibilities. One responsibility, though, is unchanged – the responsibility to ensure that the teachers in a school are qualified, competent and of good character.

Cover Story
College Calls on Ministry
to Fund Additional Teacher
Training Spaces Immediately
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Leadership Crunch Hits Ontario's Schools
Ontario needs 1,000 new principal-qualified teachers a year. In 1998, there were just 612.


The Supreme Court
Respects Teachers’ Judgement

…Six Points to Ponder Before You Exercise Yours.


Guest Column
Teachers... Our Forgotten Heroes


From Chalk to Mouse
The University of Ottawa is changing attitudes with a teacher education program in which technology becomes a learning environment.


Who Do You Love?
Opinion research shows high level of public respect and trust for teachers.


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Remarkable Teachers

Blue Pages
Highlights from 1998 Annual Report; Discipline Decisions; and other need-to-know information for members.


Where it's A.T.
High school science teacher Jim Ross is going to work early. After he prepares for his classes, he wants to have enough time to help a student teacher from the University of Western Ontario prepare for their teaching and learning experience at London’s John Paul II Secondary School.


Gender Gap Widening
The high percentage of male teachers over age 55 means that the gender gap in our classrooms will become a chasm.


Phonics Works, But...
Scottish and American research indicates that not all reading programs that include phonics produce comparable results. Children learning with synthetic phonics learned remarkably faster than students learning with other phonics programs.


Retirees Can Enjoy Designer Teaching
Boards all across the province desperate for occasional teachers and many recently-retired teachers are finding they can enjoy the best of both worlds.


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Literacy for pupils at risk, how to grade for learning, education law in Ontario, multidisciplinary approaches to sexual and physical abuse and some education magazines worth reading.


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Answers to some frequently asked questions.


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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs -- Steady Now, There is a Site for Teachers.

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Professional news for members.


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Conferences and events of interest to members of the profession.