March 1998

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The behind-the-scenes work of many volunteers will help ensure that the development of accreditation processes and standards of practice for the profession reflect the experience and values of practising teachers.

The new four-year high school program announced in mid-January by Education and Training Minister Dave Johnson will present the teaching profession with some interesting challenges over the next few years.

What did the College achieve in its discussions with the government about Bill 160?

Science and Technology Teachers Learn
New Tricks at Sci-Tech '97

Science and technology subject associations worked together to organize a successful conference. Sci-Tech ’97 showed how relating science and technology works for students – and the conference was a hit with teachers, too.

Moving Toward Professionalism

Every profession has its own special knowledge. Developing and recognizing that knowledge is key to any strategy for moving toward professionalism.

New Curriculum
Promises Rigour, But Not History

The question of what should constitute curriculum for a graduating Ontario secondary school student has surfaced again with the government’s initiatives in secondary reform. We’ve all heard the calls for more English, math and science. But what about history?

Creating Accessible, Professional,
Learning Programs

How do you provide top-notch professional development services to less than 10,000 teachers in a geographic area the size of Ontario when resources are scarce? How do you make sure the teachers in areas where there are only a few get as much access as teachers in the big population centres?

Catherine Ward," says Anne Murray, the second she’s asked to name her remarkable teacher. "She taught me geometry and history in Grade 10 in Springhill, Nova Scotia," continues Murray, on the phone from somewhere in the United States, where she is on tour.

The Blue Pages

1998 College Budget
College Requirements for Special Education, Part 3
Bylaw Change Gives Council Members Added Flexibility
College Primer for Education Directors
Members Help Shape New Directions for Professional Learning
Committee Updates
Code of Ethics for Council Members
College Building Links to Keep Decertified Teachers Out of Ontario
College Will Mail 1998 Certificates in March
New Manager of Membership Records

College Library

The Ontario College of Teachers is investing in the latest technology to make its library a valuable resource for the province’s teachers, easily accessible no matter where they live.

Project Discovery

Take an idea, three teachers, one supportive superintendent and add four co-operative elementary schools. End up with groups of students and teachers working on a theme, then presenting their art, music, computer projects and classroom work to parents and the school community.

Is Free-Time Fair?

In 1994, a team of researchers, teachers and computer and game designers from the faculty of education at Queen’s University, led by Rena Upitis, and the computer science department at the University of British Columbia, led by Maria Klawe, collaborated to design electronic games with math and science content.

Surfing the World and its Schools

In China, I saw a class of 50 students perched, literally, on the edge of their seats, eyes focused on the teacher, hands poised to go up. For them, it is a privilege to answer a question.

Pre-Service Education Around the World

Admission and training expectations for pre-service teachers vary widely around the world, and Ontario’s initial teacher certification requirements lie just about in the middle of the range. That’s what the College discovered during its recent collection of data on how teachers from around the world prepare for their classroom careers.

Adjusting the Frame

A growing number of teachers are asking how professional learning can be improved and expanded to be more sensitive to teachers’ needs, especially in this era of change. Educators believe both professional and personal growth should be considered when contemplating additional qualifications programs.

Reviews Growing Up Digital:
The Rise of the Net Generation

The Right to Learn

Teachers on the Internet

Since the Internet appeared in Canadian schools, Ontario teachers have made many contributions to its innovative use in the classroom.


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