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March 1999

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Months of behind-the-scenes labour, consultation with hundreds of teachers and members of the public, drafts and debate went into the standards that Council approved in principle December 10.


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Teachers now have a tool to help us explain the complexities of our profession to people who are proposing simplistic quick-fix solutions to the teacher shortage.


Cover Story
New Standards of Practice Put Ontario Teachers at the Forefront of the Profession
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richler.jpg (2691 bytes) School Days,
Not So Golden Rule Days

Mordecai Richler is one of many distinguished graduates of Montréal’s Baron Byng High School. Some of his teachers may share his ambivalence about the school days depicted in the author’s reflections for Professionally Speaking.


The Quest for Coherence, Passion and Hope
York Region District School Board Conference stresses teacher connections to students and community.


Much Ado About Winnipeg’s Glenlawn Collegiate
The Manitoba School Improvement Program is a lot of work, but it’s showing results.


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Remarkable Teachers


Blue Pages
College bulletins with need-to-know information for Ontario teachers.


Native Culture Meets the City
A hands-on experience for elementary students helped shed stereotypes about teepees and how modern-day natives live as the new millennium approaches.


One, New Voice for Technology Teachers


Sorry I'm Late
Ever wonder why 12 students are late to your first period class every Monday? Why those who do make it on time are continually dozing off?


High School at Home
What started as primary schooling for children in remote Northern Ontario has changed to secondary education for adults anywhere.


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Real Boys and three recommendations for your PJ library.


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Answers to the questions you are asking.


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Geography at your fingertips - travel the world with your mouse as your companion.


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Professional news for members.


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Conferences and events of interest to members of the profession.