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College receipts online

Don't forget to claim your 2005 membership fee on your income tax form. But don't send Ottawa a paper receipt. The federal government doesn't want it.

The General Income Tax and Benefit Guide specifies under line 212 (annual union, professional or like dues) that individuals who file paper returns are not to include their receipts (other than T4 slips). The same holds for income tax returns that are filed electronically.

(photo)You may keep the paper receipt, which was mailed when you paid last year, for your own records. But if you can't find it, don't worry. Now, with an account in the private Members' Area of the College's web site, you will be able to print your own copies of receipts for membership fees paid this year or earlier whenever you need to.

Tax receipts are posted to individual member accounts each year when the annual fee (due January 1st) is paid.

Need receipts for an earlier year?

With a private Members' Area account on the College's web site, you can print tax receipts for membership fees paid in 1999 through 2006.

If you haven't yet created your account, visit the Create an Account page and follow the directions. The process takes less than two minutes.

Client Services can also provide copies of tax receipts. Call 416-961-8800 or 1-888-534-2222 (toll-free in Ontario). The College will mail or fax a paper copy of your 2006 tax receipt free of charge.