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Governing Ourselves


Hop on the fitness trail for kids with this issue's physical education web sites. Past editions of NetWatch and additional sites for some topics can be found online in the Archives.

by Lynda Scarrow

Active and safe

PE Central



PE Central offers lots of free teacher support materials, including lesson ideas, rubrics and a free e-newsletter. Grade levels are clearly indicated and you can search by category or lesson/activity. It also includes extensive adapted physical education and preschool programs.

PE Links 4 U


making connections

Topics and categories on this information-packed site include coaching and sports, elementary, secondary, interdisciplinary and technology studies, and health/fitness and nutrition. It's another good source for adapted PE information, plus there are extensive archives of PE publications, book reviews and links.

The site also hooks you up to National Association for Sports and Physical Education forums where you can sign up to talk to physical education colleagues. The site is text heavy but includes lots of suggestions submitted by teachers.

Alberta Learning


great site

The Alberta government has created a nicely designed physical education web site. It includes a database of teacher-submitted phys ed lesson plans, a bibliography of vetted resources, teaching tools and curriculum models.



fun for kids

This site has lots of Flash combined with solid fun, broken into categories like Move, Eat, Talk, Learn. Kids can send a fitness dare to friends via e-mail, create their own computer-generated dance moves or take the fitness challenge, which has them doing pushups or racing to the washroom and back.

Learn takes them through serious youth issues like “Am I too fat or thin?” or “Are you safety smart about exercise?”



do-it-yourself PE

A terrific site for kids, Bam is a colourful, funky source of health and fitness info provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Children can learn how to pack power lunches, make their own fitness activity calendars and cards and try the Stress-o-meter. They can also share Bragging Rights with other kids regarding fitness projects they are involved in.

Ontario Physical & Health Education Association


excellent material

The association's Teacher Resource Database - under Teacher Resources Curriculum Support - provides information free, or for a fee, from independent sources. Free registration permits access to the database and all site materials.

Additional Resources

Public Health Agency of Canada: Physical Activity Guide

Susan's Physical Education, Health and Sports Site


Get Physical (online videos)

The Virtual Sports Injury Clinic

The National Sporting Library (Try the sport search feature.)

P.E.Links Database

Not all sites are available in both English and French. For additional sites or for French sites related to this topic, visit Cyberespace.

Lynda Scarrow is the College's web editor. She can be reached at