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September 1998

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College is Listening to our Members


Members’ contributions are invaluable as our profession constantly re-evaluates and works to improve our professional self-governing body. The recent Annual General Meeting was the focus for many worthwhile questions and suggestions.

regist.jpg (4648 bytes) Sweeping Curriculum Changes, Mass Retirement a Double Challenge to the Profession

We all welcome the infusion of talent and energy as younger colleagues join the profession, but the sudden and massive surge in retirements creates its own stresses on an already overburdened system.

The Pleasure of Thinking

Mathematics is much more than a set of tricks for coming up with the right answer. It can also be a source of intellectual growth. But teachers who hate math are more likely to transmit their fear or disinterest to their students than an interest in mathematical reasoning.

New Grades 1–8 Science and Technology is a
Teachers’ Curriculum

This month, Ontario elementary schools begin teaching the new Science and Technology curriculum. The principal authors of the documents that led to this curriculum say the involvement of more than 300 teachers in the process make them confident that all Ontario students can meet the new expectations and that the province’s teachers, if properly supported, can provide appropriate teaching for them.

College Members Explore the Question,
"What Does it Mean to be a Teacher?"

Sault Ste. Marie, Oakville, L’Orignal, London, Kingston, North Bay, Toronto, Windsor, Brantford, Waterloo, Clinton, Timmins... the journey to standards of practice has taken the College to every corner of the province.

Brain-Based Teaching

Teachers are applying research on how the brain learns to their practice with Brain Gym, pulse learning, mindmaps, water bottles on desks and lots of encouragement for their students.

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Remarkable Teachers

Blue Pages

College bulletins and need-to-know inforamtion.

Zlata Study Group

Elementary students and their university student mentors both learn in this novel extracurricular academic project.

Programs That Help Violent Kids

The effects of universal programs in schools are small but apply to a large number of children. Parents and teachers alike reported decreases in disruptive behaviour.

Teaching in French in Northern Ontario

Teachers in northern Ontario face many challenges – long-distance travel, scarce resources and professional development opportunities, numerous courses to prepare and – if they teach in French – the added difficulty of getting students to speak French.

Preparing Ontario's Teachers

First three Ontario universities in pilot project accredited. The single most important indicator of children’s learning is the ability of the teacher," Linda Darling-Hammond of Columbia University said recently. "We used to think that student success was based solely on student ability. Now we know that successful student achievement is a result of teaching ability and student effort."

Beam Me Up TVO

TVOntario has a history of delivering innovative and exciting educational programs. Now it’s adding multimedia and the Internet to its toolbox, taking Ontario’s educational system where no broadcaster has gone before.

Write What You Know...

For award-winning poet and teacher John B. Lee, it’s writing about hockey, history, the Beatles, hard work and an enduring love of the land.

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Purpball.gif (183 bytes) Including Exceptional Students


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