September 1997



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Membership Services Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I add Additional Qualification courses to my file?

A Teachers who complete AQ courses will receive a letter from the College confirming that a recommendation has been received from the faculty where they took the course and that the qualification has been added to their file. The new qualification will appear on their next Certificate of Qualification, which will be updated and mailed out annually along with their membership card.

If a teacher needs an updated Certificate of Qualification before the next annual mailing early next spring, the College will produce one on request. There is a $25 fee for these requests.

The Certificate of Qualification replaces the OTQRC previously issued by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Q I retired in June and I do not intend to teach again. Can I get back half of my $90 College membership fee?

A Membership in the College is your license to teach in Ontario. The $90 membership fee is for the calendar year. It’s like the Ontario driver’s license fee, which is the same whether you drive once a month or every day. The license fee is also not income-related.

You have been registered with the College of Teachers since January 1997 and your registration continues to December 31, 1997, beyond your retirement date. During this period you were eligible to pay into the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, run for office and vote in the College elections and are licensed to teach in this calendar year.

Q I am on long term disability - should I continue to pay the $90 membership fee?

A To maintain your teaching credentials and continue paying into the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, you must be a member of the College. Teachers who do not maintain membership would have to renew membership if they return to teaching. They would then have to pay a reinstatement fee of $100 plus the $90 membership fee.

Q How do I add a degree to my teacher record?

A You must request the faculty where you obtained the degree to send the official transcript (with seal) directly to the College. You must also advise the College in writing that the transcript will be forwarded. The new qualification will appear on your next Certificate of Qualification, which is updated and mailed annually.

Q How do I obtain a Statement of Professional Standing?

A You must register and become a member of the College, then make your request in writing and pay a fee of $25.