September 1997


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NCIL Serves 48 Public, Separate Boards

The Northern Centre for Instructional Leadership (NCIL) provides a variety of staff development programs to a consortium of public and separate boards of education in mid-northern and northeastern Ontario.

Recent issues of the NCIL News include information about anti-violence workshops, the Kirkland Lake Project and School Advisory Council training programs. NCIL also publishes information about educational leadership development programs and Ministry of Education and Training initiatives.

For more information, contact executive director Robert Sampson at (705) 497-1917; fax: (705) 497-1873; e-mail:

York/Co-operative Model For Teacher Growth

The York University/Co-op Model of professional learning is a partnership between York University and area school boards. Three co-ops group school boards in different areas:

  • West Central Development Co-operative (Dufferin, Peel, Halton, Waterloo and Wellington)
  • Durham-Simcoe-York Professional Development
  • Metro Professional Development Co-operative

These groups have combined resources to offer programs of professional learning of particular interest to local teachers.

Representatives from each of the boards play a major role in identifying the programs to be offered each year based on needs assessments and board priorities. All three of the co-ops include different types of professional growth activities such as institutes, teacher research and seminars.

For further information visit or call York University’s Field Development Office at (416) 736-5003.

Making the Case for Arts Education

"If ever there was a time to make a case for arts education, this is it."

The Ontario Arts Council is urging teachers and parents who know how children benefit from exposure to the arts to speak up and work for arts education in their community.

And the Arts Council is making it easy to get started by producing a useful handbook, Making the Case for Arts Education, that will equip advocates with persuasive arguments and guide them through the basics of an effective campaign.

The 46-page handbook highlights recent research that supports the need for arts education, outlines key messages and provides sample presentation materials. It includes a valuable resource guide and bibliography.

The guide focuses on the extrinsic value of arts education – how education in the arts can help our schools and society achieve broader education, economic and social goals.

To order free copies of Making the Case for Arts Education, which is available in English and French, contact OAC Communications, 151 Bloor Street West, 6th Floor, Toronto ON M5S 1T6, or fax (416) 921-8763, or e-mail

Sci-Tech Conference

Organizers promise science teachers it will definitely be "the most high-tech conference" they have ever attended and that it will show technology teachers where science will be taking their curriculum in the future.

Science and technology teachers’ associations are co-sponsoring Sci-Tech ’97 at Toronto’s Regal Constellation Hotel November 12th to 15th to demonstrate how cooperation between the two disciplines works for students in our changing educational environment.

For more information contact Sci-Tech ’97 c/o York University, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, 4700 Keele St., North York ON M3J 1P3; e-mail:; web site

Teachers for Excellence

Teachers for Excellence (TFE) has expanded into Ontario. Founded in 1989, this national organization brings together parent groups, the business community and educators dedicated to – among other things – excellence in teaching, a demanding curriculum, increased public school choice and directing more education dollars into the classroom.

For more information, contact director Bob Bonisteel at (613) 820-8826; fax (613) 820-8290; e-mail ; web site

Holistic Learning Conference

The Holistic Learning Conference: Breaking New Ground will bring people from five continents to OISE/UT this fall to focus on the holistic learning of children, youth and adults as a process that engages the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Subject areas will include:

  • creating learning communities – learning organizations and holistic approaches made possible by media and technology
  • the global context of holism – social awareness and responsibility, and connections with nature
  • explorations of the sacred in daily life – in the arts, play, work.

There will be over 50 workshops at the conference, which runs October 24-26, 1997 at OISE/UT in Toronto.

For more information or to register, contact: The Learning Consortium, tel: (416) 923-6641 ext. 2078; fax: (416) 926-4727; e-mail: ; http://noisey.oise.utoronto. ca/holistic

PS Calendar

If you would like to list your conference or event in Professionally Speaking, please contact the College library with the information: fax (416) 961-8822; phone (416) 961-8800 ext. 679 or e-mail

September 8 – 10
1997 Canadian Education Association Convention
Creating School Success, Combatting School Failure
Contact: CEA (416) 924-7721;

September 11 – 12
Ontario College of Teachers
Council Meeting
121 Bloor St. East, 6th Floor, Toronto
Contact: Charlie Morrison (416) 961-8800 ext. 628;

October 2 – 3
Community of Catholic School Boards
When Faith meets Pedagogy
Contact: Dr. D. Mullin (905) 890-0708 ext. 4365; fax: (905) 890-1002

October 2 – 4
Ontario Catholic Family Life Educators Network
Realities 2
Niagara Falls
Contact: Ruth Stanley, c/o OECTA, 65 St. Clair Avenue East, Toronto M4T 2Y8

October 16 – 18
Learning Disabilities Association of Canada
11th National Conference: Anchor for Success
Saint John, New Brunswick
Contact: Kate McLellan (506) 849-3234; fax: (506) 847-6211;

October 16 – 19
French Book Fair Salon du livre de Toronto
Contact: (416) 498-6275; ;

October 22 – 24
Ontario History and Social Science Teachers’ Association Fall Conference
Canada 130
Contact: Chuck Classen (519) 578-6160;

October 23 – 25
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
The 2nd ASCD Conference on Teaching and Learning
The Assessment-Instruction Connection
Orlando, Florida
Contact: (800) 933-2723 or (703) 549-9110 then press 2;

October 24 – 26
Holistic Learning: Breaking New Gound – An International Conference
Contact: (416) 923-6641 ext. 2078; fax: (416) 926-4727;; http://noisey.oise.

October 25 – 26
Ontario Modern Language Teachers’ Association
Fall Symposium
North Bay
Contact: Lise Moore (905) 681-2143 (after 1 p.m.)

November 1 – 2
OISE/UT Principals Certification Program – Parts 1 and 2
Forest Hill C.I., 730 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto
Contact: Vashty Hawkins (416) 923-6641 ext. 2721;
This course will also run on November 15–16, December 6–7, January 4–5, February 14–15 and March 7–8.

November 5 – 7
National School Boards Associations’ Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education
11th Annual Technology + Learning Conference
Denver, Colorado
Contact: NSBA (800) 950-6722; fax-on-demand service: (888) 267-5394 registration form is document #101;

November 7 – 9
Teaching English as a Second Language in Canada Federation 1997 Conference
World Skills: Language and Living
Victoria, British Columbia
Contact: TESL Canada Federation (800) 393-9199;

November 9 – 10
Ontario Co-operative Education Association
OCEA Fall Symposium
Navigating the Future Part II
Contact: Barb Green (705) 789-5594; fax: (705) 789-2269

November 12 – 15
Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario and the Technical Educators of Ontario
Sci-Tech ’97 Partners for Tomorrow
Contact: SCI-TECH 97 c/o York University, Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, 4700 Keele Street, North York, Ontario, M3J 1P3 or for registration information

November 13 – 15
Ontario School Counsellors’ Association
OSCA ’97 Today! Tomorrow! Together!
Contact: Ward Pipher (905) 820-1347 ext. 6;

November 20 – 22
Ontario Music Educators’ Association
Making Connections: Thriving and Surviving in Music Education
Contact: OMEA Conference Registration (519) 656-2556; fax: (519) 656-3394

November 21 – 22
Federation of Women Teachers’ Associations of Ontario and Women in Educational Administration Ontario
A World of Change: A World of Challenge
Contact: Marilyn Dickson FWTAO (416) 964-1232

December 4 – 5
Ontario Educational Research Council 1997 Annual Conference
Research for Action: Promoting Learning, Leadership, and Professionalism
Contact: OERC, Dr. Janice Leroux (613) 744-4345; fax: (613) 744-7597

December 5 – 6
Northeast Region ASCD Affiliate Conference
Boston, Massachusetts
Contact: Mary Forte Hayes (617) 237-7881; fax (617) 237-7810;

December 11 – 12
Ontario College of Teachers
Council Meeting
121 Bloor St. East, 6th Floor, Toronto
Contact: Charlie Morrison (416) 961-8800 ext. 628;

February 20
Ontario Council of Teachers of English, Communications and Language Arts
Annual Conference
Navigating Change: Mastering Effective Strategies
Contact: Alex Bostock (416) 393-5501; fax: (416) 393-5631

February 26 – 27
Ontario College of Teachers
Council Meeting
121 Bloor St. East, 6th Floor, Toronto
Contact: Charlie Morrison (416) 961-8800 ext. 628;