Membership Services Answers Frequently Asked Questions
College call centre staff answer over 1,000 calls every day. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

How can I notify the College of a change in my personal information (phone number,
for example)?

This can be done online, by fax or by mail. You can directly update or confirm any personal information via your confidential account in the Members' Area of the College web site.

Alternately, you can notify the College in writing and College staff will update your member information for you. Forward your signed request for changes by mail to 121 Bloor Street East, Toronto ON M4W 3M5 or by fax at 416-961-8822.

I have to submit an official form. Do you need the original?

You can mail the original, but we now also accept signed forms by fax at 416-961-8822.

The College web site offers forms you can print, including:

  • Application to Renew Certification for Previously Certified Teachers
  • Request to Update Registry Information (for change of address or other personal information)
  • Statement of Successful Teaching Experience
  • Notice of Retirement (submit with acceptable documentation)

I am having difficulty finding PLP courses on your web site. Can you give me some pointers?
Go to the main menu on the left-hand side of the English home page. Move your cursor to Professional Learning. A sub-menu will open to the right with links to approved courses and providers.

If you move your cursor over one of these options and click on it, you will go directly to that page. If you bookmark the page you can easily return to it the next time.

Please note: to use the search functions for courses or providers, you need Netscape Navigator (version 7) or Internet Explorer (version 5.1.3 or higher).

How do I inform the College of my professional learning activities and how can I track my progress?
It is the responsibility of approved course providers to submit your PLP course completion information to the College. They must submit this information electronically through the providers' area of the College web site.

You can access your confidential Professional Learning Record in the password-protected page in the Members' Area of the College web site. The page includes information on how to proceed if your expected credits do not appear.

Once I complete an approved PLP course and give my permission for the results to be submitted to the College, when can I expect to see the credit on my private PL Record?

Some providers have begun to forward information. Others are still in the process of establishing their systems, gathering information and permission from the thousands of members who have taken PLP courses since June 30, 2001 so that they can submit results.

When the provider electronically submits a file with accurate information about members who have successfully completed the PLP course, the credit(s) are assigned directly to your PL Record.

Updating credits on your PL record may be delayed if:

  • the name you used to sign up for the course is different from the name on your Certificate of Qualification
  • you have not provided at least two of the three possible pieces of identifying information: your date of birth, College registration number or Social Insurance Number
  • any information needs to be individually verified or corrected

When discrepancies occur, the College needs time to correct them before the information will appear on your record. Please allow 10 weeks from the time the College receives results for it to be matched to your PLP Record.

How do I obtain PLP credits for my various professional learning activities?

In order for you to receive PLP credits, the following must occur:

The provider of the course or activity must be approved by the Professional Learning Committee

Your course or activity must be approved as a PLP course. It will need to have an assessment component and to have been completed on or after June 30, 2001

The course must have been completed subsequent to your registration in the College (See date on your Certificate of Qualification.)

You must give written permission and the required personal information to providers for them to submit your course completion information to the College

The provider must submit your course completion information to the College electronically.

Click here for an up-to-date list of approved providers.


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