December 1997



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Membership Services Answers
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I change my address over the phone?

A: The College bylaws say that all changes to a member’s file must be in writing. The best advice we received was that this is the best way to protect members’ privacy and the security of their documents. You only have to send us a change of address card or use the Teacher Information Correction Request form that you received with your certificate. Or you can fill in and fax us the form in the Blue Pages of this magazine.

Q: The College’s magazine looks expensive. Just how much does it cost?

A: It costs less than $3.50 to produce and deliver four issues of Professionally Speaking to each member’s home annually, including the cost of postage. Revenue from advertising covers a significant portion of the cost.

Q: The dates for my degrees that are listed on my Certificate of Qualification are incorrect. How did that happen and how does it get fixed?

A: When the Ministry of Education introduced the Ontario Teachers’ Certificate almost 20 years ago, the dates of degrees were replaced by the year the information was entered into the ministry’s database. This incorrect information was transferred over to the College. So, even though you earned your degree in 1972, your certificate says 1978, which was actually the year the information was entered into the ministry database. We’ll be happy to correct it.

Please complete the Teacher Information Correction Request form that you received with your certificates and mail it to the College (your school has more copies of this form). You can also correct errors in dates by phoning us at (416) 961-8800 ext.330 or 1-888-534-2222 toll-free in Ontario.

Q: One of my degrees is not listed on my certificate. How do I add it?

A: Some teachers did not report additional degrees to the Ministry of Education and Training, so they are not on the College records. To add a degree, ask your university or college to send an original transcript directly to us.

Please use the form that came with your certificate to tell us what degrees you want to add and what transcripts to expect. Please note that the College must receive an original transcript directly from the institution that gave you the degree.

These requests are made regularly of these institutions. Call the university registrar’s office directly to find out their procedures for transferring transcripts to other institutions.

QECO and the OSSTF Certification Department do not transfer records to the Ontario College of Teachers. Therefore, if you made previous arrangements to send an official transcript to them, it is not contained in the College files and you must arrange for the appropriate granting institution to send a transcript directly to the College.

If you did report your degree to the ministry, please send us a copy of your Ontario Teacher’s Qualification Record Card that lists the degree and we will correct your record.

Q: How do I correct mistakes in the degrees on my certificate?

A: Please send us copies of the correct information. We only need an original transcript to add a degree, not to correct a mistake in the way it was recorded.

Q: Some Additional Qualifications are missing from my certificate. How do I get them added?

A: To add or change information about AQs, please complete and return the Teacher Information Correction Request form. AQs earned in the summer of 1997 will be added to your 1998 certificate automatically – you do not need to tell the College about them.

Q: My AQ is from another province. Is the procedure for adding it the same?

A: If you obtained your AQ from outside Ontario, you must apply for an equivalency. Call us at (416) 961-8800 ext.330 or 1-888-534-2222 toll-free in Ontario and we’ll send you an application form.

Q: Could you correct the spelling of my name?

A: Certainly. Please send us the Teacher Information Correction Request form and your original misspelled certificate. We will give you a new one at no cost.

Q: Can I get my certificates in French instead of English please?

A: Just send us the Teacher Information Correction Request form and the original certificates. We will give you new ones in French. Please note that courses taken in English will appear on your certificate in English.