December 1997



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Professionally Speaking is published quarterly by the Ontario College of Teachers to inform its 162,000 members about the activities and decisions of the College. The magazine provides a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the future of teaching and learning, teachers’ professional learning and standards of practice.

The views expressed in articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the College.

Letters to the editor and submissions on topics of interest to the profession are welcome. Unsolicited manuscripts can not be returned unless they are accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Publication of an advertisement in Professionally Speaking does not constitute an endorsement by the College of any advertiser’s product or service. The College has not yet endorsed or accredited any professional learning opportunities.

Professionally Speaking is printed with vegetable-based inks on recycled paper (50% recycled, 10% post-consumer). Please recycle this magazine.

Professionally Speaking, Ontario College of Teachers, 121 Bloor Street East, 6th Floor, Toronto ON M4W 3M5; fax: (416) 961-8822;

Editorial Board
Elizabeth Barkley, Wayne Cornack, Marilyn Laframboise, Diane Leblovic, Karen Mitchell

Richard Lewko

Philip Carter

Associate Editor
Brad Ross

Mario Cossette

Production Manager
Rosemary Kennedy

Contributors this Issue
Keesha Abraham, Michel Agnaïeff, Gary Adamson, Margaret Aubé, Rosemarie Bahr, Chris Ball, Marie-Josée Berger, Jack Berryman, Tessa Buchan, Joe Calabrese, Philip Carter, Rick Chambers, Pascale Charest, Mario Cossette, John Cruickshank, François Dionne, Lynn Doumas, Jim Files, René Fitzgerald, Nick Forte, Catherine Gautry, Denys Giguère, Olivia Hamilton, Susanne Jeffery, Donna Marie Kennedy, Rosemary Kennedy, Dwight Klassen, Marie-France Le Fort, Richard Lewko, Theresa McGrory, Nancy Page, Eleanor Paul, Claude Picard, Brad Ross, Rod Rychliski, Kate Sharpe, John Smee, Daniel Stoffman, Kate Vanderhorst, Margaret Wilson

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Subscriptions to Professionally Speaking are a benefit of membership in the Ontario College of Teachers. Annual subscriptions for non-members are available for $10 in Canada; $20 foreign. To subscribe, contact Charlie Morrison, Ontario College of Teachers, 121 Bloor Street East, 6th Floor, Toronto ON M4W 3M5 tel: (416) 961-8800 ext. 628 ; fax: (416) 961-8822; toll-free 1-888-534-2222;

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Together We’re Shaping The Future!

The College is the self-regulating professional body for Ontario teachers. Membership is open to anyone qualified to teach in the province and is required to maintain an Ontario teaching certificate.

The College is responsible to the public and the profession for ensuring teachers receive the training they need to provide Ontario’s students with an excellent education now and in the future. It sets standards of practice and learning for teachers and accredits teacher education programs and providers.

The College regulates teaching qualifications, investigates complaints involving members and takes appropriate disciplinary action.

The Governing Council

Donna Marie Kennedy

John Cruickshank

Elizabeth Barkley, Sandi Bell, Jackie Breithaupt, Larry Capstick, Douglas Carter, Paul Charron, Wayne Cornack, Lynn Daigneault, Margaret Dempsey, Solette N. Gelberg, Michel C. Gravelle, Jean Hanson, Frances E. Hill, Marilyn Laframboise, Diane Leblovic, Alfred J. Lorenzi, Kathleen McFadyen, George Merrett, Karen M. Mitchell, Harry Mulvale, Nicholas L. Myrhorod, Cecilia Reynolds, William G. Rogers, Anthony Saldanha, Stan Shapson, John Slade, David Somer, Frances Thorne, Clarice West-Hobbs

Margaret Wilson

Co-ordinator, Professional Affairs
Joe Atkinson

Executive Co-ordinator
Richard Lewko

Co-ordinator, Membership Services
Louise Nadeau

Co-ordinator, Investigations and Hearings
Patrick O’Neill