December 1997

Worth Repeating
Worth Repeating


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Why did the legislature give teachers the right to regulate their own profession last year?

Justice James McRuer, who chaired the 1968 Royal Commission Inquiry into Civil Rights, set out the philosophy that has guided self-regulation in this province for the last 30 years.

College Chair Donna Marie Kennedy reminded MPPs that the College of Teachers was given the responsibility for licensing and regulating the profession in the public interest.

She quoted the words of Justice McRuer:

"We have made it clear that the power to admit a licensee is not conferred to protect the economic welfare of the profession or occupation.

"The public has a genuine and very real interest in knowing that the members of the self-governing bodies are properly trained and have good ethical standards.

"The public must be able to rely on the judgment of those who are empowered to decide that persons licensed to practise a profession or engage in a self-governing occupation are qualified.

"That being so, the responsible and experienced members of a profession or occupation on whom the power of self-government is conferred should be in the best position to set the standards to be met and the qualifications of anyone who aspires to enter the profession or occupation."