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Team to review teaching qualifications

A seven-person external advisory group will play an important role in the College's review of teaching qualifications.

The group includes Ruth Bauman of the Ontario Teachers' Federation; Allan Pearson from the Ontario Association of Deans of Education; Barbara Gough from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities; Paul Anthony of the Ministry of Education; and Geoff Williams of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education, as well as Lise St-Éloi (a supervisory officer), Lou Rocha of the Catholic Principals Council of Ontario and the College's Professional Affairs Co-ordinator, Marg Aubé.

"It is critical that partner groups are engaged right from the beginning," says Deputy Registrar Brian P. McGowan, who is co-ordinating the review and will chair the group. "We want their advice on who to consult and the questions that need to be asked so that we can ensure that this consultation is as effective and wide-ranging as possible."

The group will help shape a two-month province-wide consultation that will begin in February.

With much of the provincial regulation that defines teacher qualifications now 30 years old, the College's review of qualifications will focus on the future. It will consider many questions, including what is required to be certified as a teacher in Ontario, what teacher-education programs should teach and how they should be structured. It will also address issues surrounding Additional Qualifications.

"When we propose changes to the teacher qualification regulation under the Ontario College of Teachers Act," says McGowan, "we want to ensure that a new qualifications structure is based upon the advice of teachers/practitioners, on sound educational research and on contemporary system priorities."

Narrative reflections

You are invited to write narratives about your everyday teaching practice as it reflects the standards of practice.

To contribute to this process, contact Déirdre Smith Manager, Standards of Practice and Education via

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