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June 1999

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Statistics for the Classroom

E-Stat is an interactive learning tool designed by Statistics Canada to help teachers translate classroom lessons into real life experience – compare the health and lifestyles of 13-year-olds around the world, learn about forestry practices or find out about the demographics of your neighborhood.

E-Stat is a useful tool for teachers, complete with lesson plans – including suggested grade levels, objectives, materials, activities and outcomes – a teacher’s guide, tutorials and technical support.

It is available in Windows, MAC, DOS, CD-ROM or on the internet in English and in French. E-Stat is available on a free trial basis from April 1 until June 30. To have a look at the program, visit Statistics Canada’s web site at, click on Education Resources and then click on E-STAT.

For more information about E-Stat and Statistics Canada’s education programs, call toll-free 1-800-263-1136 and ask for Sunita Poonai. You can also write to Statistics Canada, Ontario Region, 25 St. Clair Ave. East, Toronto ON M4T 1M4.

Give Yourself a "Sea"

The Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, New Brunswick is, once again, offering unique summer experiences to teachers interested in coastal environmental research. The institute has been offering hands-on learning for teachers since 1986.

Two programs are offered for 1999.

Field ornithology offers participants an opportunity to help collect data on local songbirds from July 10 to 17. Using sea kayaks, the program promises to take students to offshore gull and seabird colonies to monitor the contents of tree swallow nests and assist with the banding of herring gull chicks. Enrolment is limited to 10 and tuition is $725, which includes all meals, accommodation and supplies.

The marine science institute offers a mix of field, lab and seminar learning. Students will explore local beaches, collecting marine flora and fauna. Finback, Humpback and Right whales gather off Grand Manan Island each summer to feed, court and play. Students will have an opportunity to learn more about these marine mammals using the facilities of the Whale and Seabird Research Foundation. This course is offered August 7 to 14 and is limited to 20 participants. Tuition is $725, which includes all meals, accommodation and supplies.

Deadline for applications is June 15 for field ornithology and July 1 for the marine institute. For more information, contact the Huntsman Marine Science Centre at (506) 529-1200, or visit their web site at

Tech-Based Learning for the 21st Century

Sir Sandford Fleming College is offering a new program beginning in January 2000. The certificate program in technology-based learning design affords practising teachers an opportunity to learn how to design classroom activities and materials using technology.

The program, not surprisingly, uses the web, e-mail and web-based conferencing. Students in the program develop projects that they can apply in the classroom – projects that take into account technologies, but also classroom-based activities.

Interested teachers are invited to complete an on-line questionnaire that will help Sir Sandford Fleming College design a program that meets today’s needs. Visit their web site at

PS Calendar

If you would like to list your conference or event on the College web site, e-mail the College library with the information at; fax (416) 961-8822; or phone (416) 961-8800 ext. 679.

The calendar of conferences is found on the College Library page.