Professionally Speaking is published quarterly by the Ontario College of Teachers to inform its members about the activities and decisions of the College. The magazine provides a forum for discussion of issues relevant to the future of teaching and learning, teachers' professional learning and standards of practice.

The views expressed in articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official position of the College.

Letters to the editor and submissions on topics of interest to the profession are welcome. Unsolicited manuscripts cannot be returned.

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Editorial Board

Marilyn A. Laframboise (Chair)
Bernard J. Adam, Iain Munro, Patrick Slack


Richard Lewko


Philip Carter

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Joyce Mason

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Marjelaine Caya

Reviews Editors

Rosemary Kennedy (English), Lyse Ward (French)


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The College is the self-regulating professional body for Ontario teachers. Membership is open to anyone qualified to teach in the province and required to maintain an Ontario teaching certificate.

The College is responsible to the public and the profession for ensuring teachers receive the training they need to provide Ontario's students with an excellent education now and in the future. It sets standards of practice and learning for teachers and accredits teacher education programs and providers.

The College regulates teaching qualifications, investigates complaints involving members and takes appropriate disciplinary action.

The Council


Marilyn A. Laframboise


Nancy Hutcheson


Bernard J. Adam, Paul Brazeau, Don Cattani, Ernie Checkeris, Janet Cornwall, Ted Coulson, Patrick J. Daly, Suzanne De Froy, Rosemary Fontaine, Normand W. Fortin, Gord Hough, Nancy Hutcheson, Martin Kings, Marilyn A. Laframboise, Elayne McDermid, Karen M. Mitchell, Harry W. Mulvale, Iain Munro, Janet M. Ouellette, Elizabeth Papadopoulos, Jennifer Pitt, Patrick Slack, Richard Victor, Hilda Watkins, Lila Mae (Lou) Watson


W. Douglas Wilson

Deputy Registrar

Brian McGowan

Professional Affairs Co-ordinator

Margaret Aubé

Investigations and Hearings Co-ordinator

Rosemary Gannon

Executive Co-ordinator

Richard Lewko

Membership Services Co-ordinator

Lynda Palazzi