Many more Canadian and international conference listings are available on the College web site at ' M. Wilson Library ' Calendar of Events. To list your conference or event, e-mail information to the College library at; fax: 416-961-8822; phone 416-961-8800, ext. 679 or toll-free in Ontario 1-888-534-2222, ext. 679.



February 12
Ontario Association of Junior Educators; OAJE Mini-Conference: Learning Through Inquiry: Developing Rich Performance Tasks for Junior Students; Brampton; 519-570-0003 ext. 4269;

February 12-17
American Association for the Advancement of Science; Annual Meeting and Science innovation Exposition; Seattle, Washington D.C.; 202-326-6400;;

February 13-14
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association; 1st Annual Conference for Beginning Teachers; Toronto; 1-800-268-7230;

February 14-17
American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education; 56th Annual Meeting and Exhibits; Chicago; 202-293-2450;;

February 15-19
Association of Teacher Educators; 84th Annual Meeting: Teacher Educators Leading the Challenge for Academic Excellence in the 21st Century; Dallas; 703-620-3110;;

February 18-20
Society for Applied Learning Technology; Conference on New Learning Technologies; Kissimmee, Florida; 540-347-0055;;

February 19-21
Ontario Association for Mathematics Education; Leadership Conference; Toronto;

February 19-22
American Association of School Administrators; 136th Annual Conference and Exposition; San Francisco; 1-800-771-1162;;

February 20-21
Collaboration for the Advancement of College Teaching and Learning; Conference: Teaching for Wisdom; Bloomington, Minnesota; 651-646-6616;;

February 20-21
Quality Education for Minorities network; 13th Annual National Conference on Mathematics, Science, and Engineering; Washington D.C.; 202-659-1818;;

February 23-26
George Mason University, Association for the Advancement of International Education; 38th Annual Conference; San Francisco; 703-993-4866;;

February 24
Canadian Safe School Network; Safe Schools 2004: Making a Difference the Power of One; Toronto; 416-977-1050;

February 27th
Open Space Communications; 11th Annual Conference for Parents, Educators, Counsellors : Beyond Giftedness 11; Arvada, Colorado; 303-444-7020;;

February 27-March 1
National Association of Secondary School Principals; 88th Annual NASSP Convention and Exposition LEAD Conference; Orlando; 1-800-253-7746;

February 28
American Council on Education; 86th Annual Meeting; Miami; 202- 939-9300;;

February 27-28
The Learning Consortium@OISE/UT; The Tenth Annual Learning Consortium Conference LINKS TO LEARNING - Linking Quality Teaching To Success For All Learners; Toronto; 416-923-6641x2078;;


March 4-6
Core Knowledge Foundation; 13th Annual Core Knowledge National Conference; Atlanta, Georgia; 434-977-7550; fax: 434-977-0021;

March 6-7
University of Wisconsin-Madison; First Annual Conference on Integrating Art Forms Into the Curriculum; Madison, Wisconsin; 608-262-7419;;

March 9
Council for Exceptional Children; Web Seminar: Community-Based Instruction;
1-800-224-6830 ext. 516; fax: 703-620-2521;;

March 14-17
North American Association of Educational Negotiators; Bargaining in Difficult Times in the Big Easy; New Orleans; 217-529-7902; fax: 217-529-7904;;

March 17-20
Learning Disabilities Association of America; 41st Annual International Conference; Atlanta, Georgia; 412-341-1515;;

March 18-20
Technology Education For Children Council; Annual International Technology Education Association Conference; Albuquerque, New Mexico; 703-860-2100;
fax: 703-860-0353;

March 19
Council of Great City Schools; Legislative/Policy Conference; Washington, D.C.; 202-393-2427; fax: 202-393-2400;

March 24-27
National Teachers of English; Annual Convention-Making Composition Matter; San Antonio, 217-278-3849; 1-877-369-6283; fax: 217-328-9645;;

March 25-26
Ontario College of Teachers, Council Meeting; Toronto;

March 25-27
Learning Disabilities Association of Québec; 29th Annual Conference on Learning Disabilities; Montreal; 514-847-1324 ext. 27;;

March 26
York Region District School Board; RISE Equity Conference; Markham;
905-727-0022 ext. 2417;

March 26-28
National School Boards Association; CUBE's Pre-Conference Programming; Orlando, Florida; 703-838-6705; fax: 703-548-5613;;

March 27-30
National School Boards Association; 64th Annual Conference; Orlando, Florida; 703-838-6722;;

March 27-31
The Young Child with Special Needs; 13th Annual Conference; Nashville, Tennessee; 1-800-377-7707 ext. 3; fax: 1-800-329-9923;

March 28-31
North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement; 109th Annual Meeting; Chicago; 1-800-525-9517 ext. 54485; fax: 480-965-8658;;

March 29-30
University of Wisconsin-Madison; Workshop: Second Annual Conference on Differentiation and Inclusive School Reform; Madison, Wisconsin;

March 30-April 4
National Association of School Psychologists; 36th Annual Convention; Dallas; 301-657-0270;;

March 31-April 3
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages; 38th Annual Convention; Long Beach, California; 703-836-0774; fax: 703-836-7864;;

March 31-April 4
American Counselling Association; Annual Convention; Kansas City, Missouri;
1-800-347-6647 ext. 222;


April 1-4
National Science Teachers Association; National Convention; Atlanta; 703-312-9371;
fax: 703-841-0250;;

April 1-4
American Association for Higher Education; Annual Learning to Change Conference;
San Diego; 202-293-6440;. fax: 202-293-0073;;

April 12-16
American Educational Research Association; Annual Conference; San Diego;

April 12-16
American Educational Research Association; 85th Annual Meeting: Enhancing the Visibility and Credibility of Educational Research; San Diego; 202-223-9485 ext. 114;
fax: 202-775-1824;;

April 13-17
Council for Exceptional Children; Annual Convention and Expo; New Orleans;
703-264-9454; fax: 703-264-1637;;

April 14-15
Council for Spiritual and Ethical education; Ethics Colloquium; Washington, D.C.;
404-298-4899; fax: 404-355-4435;;

April 14-17
Association for Childhood Education International; 2004 Annual International Conference and Exhibition; New Orleans; 301-570-2111; fax: 301-570-2212;;

April 14-18
Council for Exceptional Children; Annual Convention and Expo; New Orleans;

April 14-18
National Association For Music Education; National Conference: Connect With Music; Minneapolis; 1-800-336-3768;;

April 15-17
School Social Work Association of America; School Social Work: The Bridge to Educational Achievement; Burlingame, California; 847-289-4642;;

April 16-20
National Art Education Association; Annual Convention; Denver; 703-860-8000 ext. 213; fax: 703-860-2960;;

April 16-20
National Association of Elementary School Principals; National Convention and Expo: Explore, Engage, Enjoy the Possibilities; San Francisco; 703-684-3345;
fax: 703-549-5568;

April 18-20
Canadian Association for the Practical Study of Law in Education; Law and Education: the Practice of Accountability Conference; Ottawa; 905-702-1710; fax: 905-673-0662;

April 18-20
National Dropout Prevention Center/Network; 2003 Effective Strategies Institute on No Child Left Behind; Tunica, Mississippi; 864-656-2599; fax: 864-656-0136;;

April 18-22
Magnet Schools of America; Magnet Schools of America Conference 2004; Raleigh, North Carolina; 202-824-0672; fax: 202-638-7895;;

April 21-24
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; 82nd Annual Meeting; Philadelphia;;

April 22-25
National Montessori Society; 2004 National Conference; Boston; 212-358-1250;
fax: 212-358-1256;;

April 23
University of Wisconsin-Madison; Workshop: Using Results to Get Results-Improving Teaching and Learning with the WKCE; Madison, Wisconsin; 608-262-7419;;

April 23
Educators of the Gifted of Ontario-The Association for the Gifted of The Council for Exceptional Children for Ontario; EDGO-TAGO "Enrich and Be Enriched" Conference: Enrich Teaching & Learning; Toronto;

April 25-27
Focus Conferences; Focus 2004: Leaders & Healers II; Victoria;;

April 29-30
University of Wisconsin-Madison; Workshop: How to train, Support, and Evaluate Paraeducators; Madison, Wisconsin; 608-262-7419;;

April 29-May 1

Ontario Association for Mathematics Education; Math: Applications And Beyond; Waterloo;

April 30
Ontario Association of Developmental Education; OADE Annual Conference : A Day at Drury: Different Paths to Success; Milton, Ontario; 905-878-5688 or 905-878-0575
ext. 247;


May 1-4
American association for Applied Linguistics; Annual Conference; Portland, Oregon; 205-824-7700; fax: 205-823-2760;

May 2-6
International Reading Association; 49th Annual Convention: Teaching the World to Read; Reno-Tahoe, Nevada;

May 5-7
Nipissing University; Checkmark 2004: Conference on Literacy, Numeracy and Technology in Education; North Bay;;

May 5-7
Parents As Teachers National Center; Born To Learn Conference; St. Louis;
314-432-4330; fax: 314-432-8963;;

May 5-7
Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (ECOO); 25th Annual Conference; Mississauga; 905-773-3981 or 3982;;

May 9-13
International Reading Association; 49th Annual Conference; Toronto; 302-731-1600 ext. 213;;

May 13-15
Canadian Teachers' Federation; CTF Conference: Moving From a Cult of Testing to a Culture of Professional Accountability; Ottawa; 1-866-283-1505;

May 14
Ontario Philosophy Teachers' Association; Conference 2004: Delivering the New Grade 11 and 12 Curriculum; Toronto; 416-485-8656;;

May 27-28
Great Lakes Association for Cooperation in Education; GLACIE's 19th Annual Cooperative Learning Conference: Learning Together; Toronto; 705-432-8088;

May 27-28
Northern School Resource Alliance; Successful Pathways: Next Steps for Principals, Supervisory Officers, Secretary-Treasurers and Secretaries; Thunder Bay; 807-475-6989 ext. 223; fax: 807-475-6945;

May 29-June 1
Canadian Society for the Study of Education; CSSE Conference 2004: Knowledge building in an educational research community; Winnipeg; 613-241-0018;
fax: 613-241-0019;;


June 1-5
American Association on Mental Retardation; 128th Annual Meeting; Philadelphia; 1-800-424-3688;

June 2-5
Canadian Association For University Continuing Education; 2004 CAUCE Conference: Standing the Test of Time: Setting the Stage for the Future; Niagara-on-the-Lake;

June 4
Ontario College of Teachers, Annual meeting of Council; Toronto;

June 5
Ontario College of Teachers, Annual meeting of Members; Toronto;

June 11-14
American Association of State Colleges and Universities; Millennium Leadership Institute; Washington, D.C.; 202-293-7070; fax: 202-296-5819;;

June 20-23
National Association for the Education of Young Children; National Institute for Early Childhood; Baltimore; 202-232-8777; fax: 202-328-1846;;

June 21-23
International Society for Technology in Education; Jammin' and Jazzin' with Technology Conference; New Orleans; 1-800-280-6218; fax: 541-434-9589;;

June 24-27
National Council of teachers of English; 2004 Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning Conference; Colorado; SchillSA@CMICII.EDU;

June 24-29
National Peer helpers Association; 18th Annual Conference; Austin, Texas;
913-362-0794; fax: 913-362-0735;;

June 25-27
National Catholic Educational Association and Boston College; Educating the Young Child; Boston; 202-337-6232; fax: 202-333-6706;;

June 25-29
Educational Testing Service; Teaching and Learning Conference;

June 26-28
National Parent Teacher Association; 108th Annual Conference; Anaheim, California; 312-670-6782;

June 27-30
American School Counselor Association; Annual Conference; Reno, Nevada;
703-683-2722; fax: 703-683-1619;;

June 28-30
Trinity College School; Trinity Teachers' Institute; Port Hope, Ontario; John Reid, 905-885-3217 ext. 1341;;


July 13-16
Education Commission of the States; 2004 National Forum on Education Policy; Orlando, Florida; 303-299-3600; fax: 303-296-8332;

July 15-17
Substitute Teaching Institute; Subsolutions Conference; Park City, Utah;
1-800-922-4693; fax: 435-797-0944;;

July 17-22
Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education; Adult Ethics Institute; Santa Fe, New Mexico; 404-298-4899; fax: 404-355-4435;;

July 17-23
American Association of Teachers of French; Annual Convention; Atlanta; 618-453-5731; fax: 618-453-5733;;

July 18-21
National Middle School Association; Leadership Institute; Breckenridge, Colorado; 1-800-528-NMSA; fax: 614-895-4750;;

July 19-21
National Association of School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers; 35th Annual Training Conference; St. Louis; 314-345-4505;;

July 21-24
Association for gender Equity Leadership in Education and the Mid-Atlantic Equity Center; Educational Equity as a Civil Right Conference; Washington, D.C.;
301-657-7741 ext. 108; fax: 301-657-8782;;

July 22
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; Workshop: Understanding by Design; San Diego; 703-578-9600; 1-800-933-ASCD;
fax: 703-575-5400;;

July 23-25
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; Conference on Understanding by Design; San Diego; 703-578-9600; 1-800-ASCD;
fax: 703-575-5400;;

July 24-27
Christian Educators Association International; Congress for Excellence in Public Education; Palm Beach, Florida; 1-888-798-1124; fax: 626-798-2346;;

July 25-30
National Association of School Resource Officers; National School Safety Conference; Phoenix; 1-888-316-2776; fax: 352-369-8519;;

July 29-August 1
National Coalition of Education Activists; With All Deliberate Speed: Social Justice and the Future of Public Education; Philadelphia; 215-735-2418;
fax: 215-735-2419;;


September 23-24
Ontario College of Teachers, Council Meeting; Toronto;


October 1-3
Online Audiovisual Catalogers; 11th OLAC Biennial Conference; Montréal;

October 27-29
National School Boards Association; T+L2 Conference; Denver, Colorado;


November 11-13
Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation; Students at Risk Conference; Toronto;;


December 9-10
Ontario College of Teachers, Council Meeting; Toronto;