Answering Your Calls

College call centre staff answer over 1,000 calls every day. Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.


I recently received my 2004 Certificate of Qualification with my updated qualifications, but I am taking an Additional Qualification course now, which I will complete in May. Do I have to wait until next February for this course to be added to my record?

Once your 2004 certificate has been issued, another one will not be issued until February 2005 (after the College receives your annual membership fee for 2005). However, the course will be added to your Record of Qualification as soon as the course provider recommends you to the College.

Provided that you have a valid e-mail address on file with the College, you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement of the added qualification.

The change will also be reflected on the public register of the College web site. You may refer interested parties to the public register or print a copy of your qualifications from the site.

To provide or update your e-mail address, please visit the members' area of the web site or contact Member Services at 1-888-534-2222, ext. 330.

If you require an updated Certificate of Qualification or a copy of your existing certificate during 2004, you may request one for a fee of $25.

I do not have payroll deduction for my membership fee. Can I pay my membership fee online?

Members who want to pay fees online can click on the banner near the top of the home page on the College web site ( All you need is your registration number and a credit card. You can also pay your fees in the members' area of the web site, where you can access your account using your registration number and a password.

I haven't used the members' area for a while and have forgotten my password. I completed the instructions in order to have the password sent to me, but didn't receive a response. Is there something else I should do?

If you have not received a response by e-mail it is most likely because your e-mail address has changed since you last updated your account information. But if you need to update an e-mail address and have also forgotten your password, you may feel that you are lost in cyberspace.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Just contact Member Services by e-mail ( or telephone (416-961-8800 or 888-534-2222) with your membership information and your correct e-mail address.

My spouse and I are both members of the College and receive individual copies of Professionally Speaking. Can we arrange to receive only one copy of the magazine?

The College recognizes that many of our members are from two-teacher households. Should you and your spouse wish to receive only one copy per issue of Professionally Speaking, you can e-mail us at

Please ensure that your message includes your name, your spouse's name, your respective College registration numbers and your current address.